Unlocking new growth opportunities in food-to-go.

The food-to-go insight sessions.

Hosted by Gavin Rothwell from Food Futures Insights, this is part of a broader series of webinars focused on the future of food-to-go. In each webinar you’ll hear his perspectives, as well as those of RATIONAL and retailers and food-to-go specialists on the opportunities ahead and how to take advantage.

Session 16: Trends and opportunities in food-to-go in 2023.

January 31st 2023 / 3pm CET / 2pm UK /

What does the landscape for food-to-go look like in 2023? Where are the opportunities, what are the trends to be aware of and which challenges should be top of your action list? Will the current challenges endure, or should we expect new challenges to emerge in the coming months? How should you position yourself for growth, and what will it take to take best advantage of the opportunities?

The session will again be hosted by food-to-go expert Gavin Rothwell. His co-host this time will be RATIONAL’s International Retail Director Max Schwaller. They will be joined by Danny Scobie, Head of Food-to-go at Scotmid, who will update us on the continuing success and evolution of food-to-go within the Scotmid business, and how it has been successfully integrated into its convenience stores and supermarkets.

January 31st 2023 / 3pm CET / 2pm UK / Video Webinar

Session 15: Alltown Fresh - reinventing roadside food on the move.

April 27th 2022 / 3pm CET / 2pm UK /

Alltown Fresh is not like any other roadside operator. With messaging around fresh, natural and organic, it has a very different look and feel to most forecourts or gas stations around the world. But it’s in both the environment and the menu that this concept, now trading from 10 roadside locations across New England, developed within the Global Partners framework, stands out.

Amidst the continuing shift to electric powered vehicles, and the increasing redefinition of what roadside locations need to deliver for drivers, this is a best-in-class example of how to drive destination status. So we’re delighted that Joshua Smith, Global Partners’ VP for Alltown Fresh, will be our special guest on our next webinar.

27th April 2022 / 3pm CET / 2pm UK / Video Webinar

Session 14: BRIDGE Zurich - How Migros created a new urban store format eining retail and Gastro.

25th March 2022 / 2pm CET / 1pm UK /

Bridge in Zurich was for many globally the key store opening of 2021, showcasing a new different way of thinking about food missions incorporated into a format that cut across traditional definitions of food retail and foodservice solutions. And that’s what this whole series of webinars is all about. So we’re delighted to welcome David Böhler, MD of Bridge, as our guest on our next webinar.

Bridge was set up by Migros to see how it could make the most of a high footfall railway station location. We’ll discuss the factors driving development of the concept and, 10 months on from opening, we’ll explore some of the learnings around what’s worked well so far, what hasn’t, and what the future holds for Bridge.

25th March 2022 / 2pm CET / 1pm UK / Video Webinar

Session 13: New convenience. New opportunities.

We’re delighted to welcome Mike Fogarty, CEO and Founder at Choice, as our guest for our next webinar. Choice is a different type of convenience store, excelling in freshly prepared food-to-go, and with an underlying focus on fresh. Locally sourced, differentiated, ranges and community relevance are also key. Combined with a mission-centric focus, a contemporary design and some of the smartest tech around, this means there is much to learn from the Choice concept. Based in Denver, Colorado, Choice recently opened its third site, targeting a forecourt location along Just Walk Out style check-out free technology in-store. This is a very modern take on convenience, backed up with the products and the in-store environment to deliver that.

In this session, we’ll discuss the Choice journey so far, and call out some of the key learnings and opportunities for others around how to take advantage of the new convenience opportunity.

29th September 2021 4pm CET / 3pm UK / 8am MDT Video Webinar

Session 12: Pure - adapting to the new food-to-go opportunity.

In this session, we’ll be joined by Pure Founder & CEO Spencer Craig. Pure is a key reference point in the London food-to-go landscape, with 20 stores across the capital, serving natural, healthy food, made fresh to order each day. We’ll talk to Spencer about the evolution of his business, what’s driven success to date and how the business has evolved over the past 18 months. We’ll also discuss the next steps for Pure and the future opportunity for food-to-go in London.

September 3rd 2021, 12 pm CET / 11 am UK time Video Webinar

Session 11: How The GIANT Company is redefining grocery stores.

If you’ve an interest in what the grocery formats of the future could and should look like, and how urban consumers will meet their food and drink needs, then our next session is not to be missed. We’ll be joined by Paul Madarieta, Director of Urban Retail at The GIANT Company, whose innovative format development strategy has enabled it to effectively target different missions and locations, building fantastic looking stores in the process.

May, 25 th 2021, 4 pm CET / 3 pm UK time Video Webinar

Session 10: How Picadeli is shaping the future of healthy food to go.

On our next session we’ll be joined by a pioneer in the field of food-to-go, combining technology and healthy food-to-go in self-serve concepts that are fitting neatly into a growing number of supermarkets, convenience stores and other locations across Europe.

David von Laskowski, President and CEO of Picadeli and its parent business Greenfood, will join Gavin and Benjamin to discuss the changing nature of the food-to-go opportunity and the role that Picadeli solutions are playing in helping their retail customers to meet new missions and customer needs. Plus he’ll talk about what’s next for Picadeli, with future plans including a US market entry in H2 2021.

Gavin and Ben will also share their latest insights on wider market developments, helping you to understand the evolving food-to-go opportunity.

April, 27th 2021, 4pm CET / 3pm UK time Video Webinar

Session 9: Food-to-go inspiration: Learnings and opportunities from stadia.

We’ll take a closer look at the stadia sector with renowned food consultant John Benson-Smith and Andrew Taylor, Head of Catering at City Football Group. We’ll consider aspects such as operational requirements, ways of working, opportunities for suppliers and food-to-go specialists, while considering the broader evolution of the sector and the post covid opportunity. We’ll then consider how thinking from stadia can benefit broader food-to-go, and what learnings from broader food-to-go development could bring to stadia, before discussing how each could evolve and the potential broader benefits from closer collaboration.

March, 31st 2021, 4pm CET / 3pm UK time Video Webinar

Session 8: Checkers: How food-to-go is underpinning format development and driving new growth.

Part of Shoprite, Checkers has been growing fast, largely thanks to its new FreshX concept stores, developed to help grow penetration among more affluent South Africans. The concept is being rolled out rapidly, and this is a format that offers lots of inspiration for anyone interested in the opportunity for foodto-go in retail. And indeed beyond, with retail theatre sitting at the heart of this concept. Its food first positioning is supported by lots of in-store preparation and theatre, as well as extensive development of food-for-now and food-for-later solutions. It also innovates around other sections of the store, creating differentiated displays and innovative counters. There’s a strong focus on targeting different day parts effectively. Join us on Tuesday 26th January to find out more about how Checkers delivers this. On the day we’ll be joined by representatives from both IMS – which has created the concept for Checkers – and Checkers itself.

January, 26th 2021 3 pm CET, 2 pm UK time Video Webinar

Session 7: How food to go will drive future retail formats.

This time we will discuss what the formats of the future need to deliver. Therefore we will also have a closer look into the importance of delivering fresh, experience, and mission-based solutions. And within this, we will consider the fast expanding role of food for now and food for later in supporting these goals. Based on the outcomes we will further discuss how these requirements for the future can be adapted to different formats and locations.

This time we will be joined by an great industry specialist Martin Gaber, board member and managing director for DACH region and South East Europe at JosDeVries. Martin held operational and strategic positions at REWE Group such as head of marketing / head of purchasing for BILLA CEE / Italy and COO of Billa Slovakia. From 2010 to 2014 he was general manager for Marionnaud Autriche, part of AS Watson / Hutchinson Hong Kong. He will give us his insights and thoughts on how the future formats, food spaces and offers will evolve.

December 9th 2020, 4 pm CET, 3 pm UK time Video Webinar

Session 6: Standing out in convenience & forecourts: ways to use fresh and food-to-go as a differentiator.

Gavin and Benjamin will this time be joined by Michael O’Loughlin, COO at Simply Fresh. Michael has a wealth of experience from across convenience, forecourts and food-to-go and will share his perspectives on differentiation and the changes currently under way across the convenience and forecourt sector. He’ll also bring us up to speed with how Simply Fresh is evolving, we’ll discuss how they continue to create differentiated formats and their plans to strengthen uniqueness and destination appeal in the future.

October 26, 2020, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Video Webinar

Session 5: The evolving food-to-go opportunity.

With the summer now past, we’ve entered a new phase, with schools having reopened, and, at least in some locations, more employees heading back to the office. But elsewhere this return to the office looks to be more of a trickle than a flow. In a period of continuing change, this is a great opportunity to take stock, and look again at the food-to-go opportunity, and consider how it has evolved over recent months.

Our next webinar will do just that. In the company of Declan Ralph, Retail Development Director at BWG Foods, which you might better know as the operator of SPAR in Ireland, Gavin and Ben will talk through some of the key shifts they’ve seen as well as some of those factors, trends and opportunities that remain consistent in the food-to-go market.

Declan works with SPAR retailers, as well as those from MACE Londis and XL, across Ireland to help them grow their businesses and respond to the changing dynamics of the market, giving him great insights to share on how the opportunity is evolving.

September 22nd, 2020 Video Webinar

Session 4: Meeting multiple food-to-go missions.

As the wider environment evolves, more businesses are having to reassess their business plans as they look to drive growth. Part of this is around building an operation flexible enough to target several different missions well, rather than just maximizing the focus on a single mission. In this webinar, we’ll share some of the best practice we’ve seen in this space and share guidance on how to deliver this.

Gavin and Ben will be joined by Matt Cundrick, former Head of Food-to-Go at McColl’s, who will share his insights on key success factors.

August 6th 2020 Video Webinar

Session 3: The future of food-to-go.

Missions, locations and formats in the future food-to-go landscape.

Learn about the future of food-to-go. As more of us work from home more often, we’ll take a closer look at what home based working means for city spaces, and discuss how they could evolve and how this could impact the food-to-go opportunity. We’ll also consider the implications for neighbourhood stores, as well as what this could mean for the lunch of the workforce.

There are no simple answers, that’s for sure, but equally waiting for the answer to arrive in the form of defined new trends is not an option. This time we’ll be joined by Dev Dillon, director of retail at Sodexo and an industry specialist in convenience, coffee and food-to-go. We’ll also be joined by Adam O´Connor who has worked globally within the world´s largest foodservice organizations. They will give us their global insights about the future of food-to-go and what they think will be important be successful in the future.

July 7th 2020 Video Webinar
July 7th 2020 Article
KTCHNrebel: Stay in or take away?

Session 2: The breakfast to go.

Learn about the new shape of the breakfast opportunity. We’ll take a closer look at what serving breakfast in the food-to-go channel will look like in the future, outlining key considerations and strategies to win.

June 24th 2020 Video Webinar

Session 1: The new lunch.

Learn about new food-to-go growth opportunities in a one hour session designed to help you unlock your potential. With a fantastic line-up of speakers, you’ll get the latest trends, on the ground insights from a retailer or specialist taking advantage of these trends, and you’ll understand a bit more about how solutions of RATIONAL can help you stretch your capability into new areas.

June 3rd 2020 Video Webinar
June 3rd 2020 Whitepaper
June 3rd 2020 Reference Video Scotmid

Our Speakers and Participating Companies.


Checkers is a South African retailer. A subsidiary of Shoprite since 1991, there are 37 Checkers Hypers in South Africa and over 200 Checkers supermarkets – mostly in South Africa – but also in Botswana and Namibia. 

Convenience, quality and freshness define the Checkers brand. The supermarket chain focuses more strongly on fresh produce and offers a wider range of choice food items to a more affluent clientele than some of Shoprite’s other brands. Checkers has strongly developed lifestyle departments with speciality ranges in wine, cheese, meat, deli foods and coffee.

International Merchandising Solutions

With over fifteen years of intensive work in the market, IMS designs, develops and exports exhibitors for fresh and elaborated foods, improving consumer‘s experience through innovative concepts that maximize sales.

Gavin Rothwell

Food Future Insights founder

The session will be hosted by FFI founder Gavin Rothwell, an expert in food-to-go insights, who will share the latest trends he’s seeing in food-to-go evolution and some of the latest channel and format innovations from across Europe.

Joshua Smith

Vice President Alltown Fresh

Alltown Fresh elevates the everyday for everyone on the go. It welcomes guests to a whole different kind of daily destination – completely reimagined from the inside out to create a fresh, far more distinctive and delicious experience than anyone thought possible. As the Vice President, Joshua works to create and design kitchens, menus, local marketplaces and develop a world class hospitality team to serve and sell locally sourced, handmade healthy food options.

David Böhler

MD of Bridge

In 2018, David took over the overall project management at Bridge for the development and opening of an innovative retail location by spring 2021, which will offer trends in foodretail with gastronomy and event activities under an independent brand for an urban target group and thus set standards across Europe. In the meantime, the project has become reality and David is the managing director of the overall organisation BRIDGE in Zurich , where you can shop, eat and discover fresh and seasonal products on 2,000 square metres.

Maximilian Schwaller

RATIONAL Segment Director Retail

Maximilian Schwaller works with retailers and specialists across the globe on implementing modern hot food solutions. Here he will share some of the key success stories but also key factors to implement concepts.

Danny Scobie

Manager Scotmid

Danny Scobie manages food-to-go at leading Scottish retailer Scotmid. Under his control food-to-go has become an increasingly key element of the growth strategy. He’ll share the reasons why.

Wouter Staal

CEO yoghurtbarn

Winner of Food-Retailer 2017, Scale-up 2018 & Best Coffee- & Lunchroom 2019 will share his success factors in the food-to-go business.

Matt Cundrick

Former Head of Food-to-Go at McColl’s

Matt is an award winning FTG executive, with experience across multiple customer missions. Having worked across operations, trading, and commercial, with businesses ranging from QSR, high street and department stores.

Declan Ralph

Retail Development Director of BWG Foods

As Retail Development Director of BWG Foods, Declan Ralph is responsible for the successful implementation of the retail plan as part of the overall company strategy. He has a wealth of retail experience and has been involved in the development of many award winning stores.

Michael O’Loughlin

COO at Simply fresh.

Michael has spent most of his career in the forecourt sector joining Petrogas-Applegreen in 1997, he spent 15 years on the board while leading there UK expansion in 2008 as MD Applegreen UK. He’s also acted as a MD capacity for “Motor Fuel Group” before joining SimplyFresh as COO in 2020. While chairing & presenting at industry events Michael is also a non-exec director for Irish healthy food company “Freshly-Chopped” and leading UK & Irish forecourt maintenance provider Eurotank.

Martin Gaber

Board member and managing director for DACH region and South East Europe at JosDeVries.

Martin is a board member and managing director for DACH region and South East Europe at JosDeVries, a leading European consultancy and design company focused on FMCG retail.

Dev Dhillon

Director Retail at Sodexo

Dev Dhillon is an industry specialist in convenience, coffee and food to go, and currently works as a Retail Director for Sodexo in the UK. He is a passionate advocate for independent retail having grown up in family-run convenience businesses.

Andrew Taylor

Head of Catering at City Football Group

Andrew Taylor served culinary apprenticeship in two, Three Michelin star restaurant kitchens, and also competed in the culinary Olympics. Since over 25 years he is no stranger to sports venue catering, including the new Wembley Stadium, the North London Olympic park, and more recently as head of global hospitality & visitor experience for the Williams Formula One team. He now looks after everything food & drink at Manchester City, including both of their football stadiums in Manchester.

John Benson-Smith

Principal Consultant

John Benson-Smith is a high profile Master Chef and award-winning former Chef of the Year, with over 40 years’ experience and a former judge on BBC television MasterChef. Experience working in world famous one, two and three starred restaurants. He is Consultant Chef to Manchester City Football Club (City Football Group) for 20 years, described as being the ‘Founding Father of Modern British Cuisine in Manchester’. In addition he creates concepts for a supermarket retail chain (490+) stores in their quest to enter chef designer food.

David von Laskowski

President & CEO of Greenfood Group & Picadeli Group

He is an experienced international retail executive, he has previously worked as chief executive of international retail players including Axcent of Scandinavia, Visma Retail and Candyking Group. Furthermore, he has been a researcher and PhD student at Stanford University, Columbia University and Stockholm School of Economics.

Paul Madarieta

Director of Urban Formats at The GIANT Company

With extensive experience of food retail format development from across US retail, the focus of Paul Madarieta at GIANT has been on new urban formats, across both the locally tailored urban supermarket GIANT Heirloom and the larger food destination format, GIANT Riverwalk.

Spencer Craig

Founder and CEO of Pure

Spencer Craig is the founder and CEO of Pure, the healthy food to go group serving healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch and coffee across the capital since 2009.

Mike Fogarty

CEO and Founder at Choice

Mike is an innovative food and beverage executive who has leveraged over a decade of strategy and operations experience to launch and grow Choice Market. Choice is a progressive omnichannel retailer that combines high quality groceries and prepared foods from local vendors with a leading-edge digital customer experience. Prior to Choice, Mike served as Senior Category Manager at Danone. He and his team were responsible for the sourcing, contracting, cost reduction and supplier performance activities for all plastic packaging in North America. Mike also supported the Horizon Organic and Silk brands with new product innovation and commercialization.

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