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They are not the next big thing. They are the big thing right now: Whether called a ghost kitchen, dark kitchen, cloud kitchen or virtual kitchen, they don't know any guests, but nevertheless they have their finger on the pulse. They are fast, they are innovative and they know exactly what works and what doesn't. But how do they do it? What is the right concept? The right menu? The right kitchen set-up? With the support of Progressive Content's Michael Jones and Stephan Leuschner from RATIONAL, dive into in a series of the most exciting topics that gastronomy currently has to offer. In each webinar you'll hear different perspectives from specialists and the opportunities ahead.

What is in for you?
  • Insights into the delivery market
  • Solutions for Ghost Kitchens & delivery
  • Best practice cases
  • Top-class industry speakers

Interesting for:

  • Investors
  • Restaurant brand operators
  • Cloud/Ghost kitchen operators
  • Food delivery companies
  • Caterers
  • Kitchen planners & consultants

On-Demand Recordings.

TrendTalk: Retail meets Ghost Kitchens.

Session 4 on September 8th 2021.

The boundaries between supermarkets and Ghost Kitchens are merging closer to each other. When supermarkets no longer just deliver food but also cooked meals? When Ghost Kitchens cooperate with supermarkets and are suddenly visible in the checkout zone.

But is it worth it? What are the prerequisites?

Michael Jones talks about this with

  • Charlie Farr: The gastronomy specialist explains how the Ghost Kitchen markets differ in the various regions, which players there are and what the future might look like.
  • Francesco Cassera: As the owner of Ghost Kitchen, Cassera will discuss the criteria he uses to select his locations and develop his concepts.
  • Benjamin Nothaft: The retail specialist has identified a new trend: More and more supermarkets have discovered the delivery business as an additional business? But how do they equip themselves for this?
  • Stephan Leuschner: As a specialist for Ghost Kitchen, Leuschner knows exactly which technology, which architecture is necessary to work successfully.

Session 3: Roadmap to Growth.

June, 9th 2021, 10:00 CET.

A Ghost Kitchen is always in flux: the menus change, the clientele grows, expansion plans emerge. In the third Trend Talk, Michael Jones shows how to be properly positioned for growth, what to consider when it comes to kitchen equipment and how successful others are on the road. Together with experts from the industry, he discusses growth opportunities and growth risks.

  • Stephan Leuschner will dig deeper into the question what is required to create an efficient setup for your ghost kitchen and how to utilize your equipment best.
  • Find out how Simele Shange and Khalipha Zulu, founders of Jozi Cloud Kitchens, have managed to become the largest ghost kitchen company in South Africa.
  • Randy Murphy, founder and CEO of OrderB4, will answer questions like: What technology solutions are needed in a multi-brand, ghost kitchen environment? Is there an end-to-end platform that can support ecommerce and operations without having to integrate many costly and difficult to manage systems?

On-Demand - Session 2:
How to operate successfully.

Success is dependent on well-planned operations – at least that's what the industry experts in this session think. We will look at the opportunities offered by ghost kitchens from several angles and provide solutions for a wide range of industries:

  • Andrew Twells is a strong believer that the changing face of corporate dinning requires ghost kitchen investment to be future-fit.
  • Uwe Lucas will deal with the successful brand-building of virtual delivery brands, so things really get going in the kitchen due to order volume.
  • Speaking of the kitchen: Stephan Leuschner will of course return to provide insights about new concepts and address how lean kitchen processes contribute to a successful operation.

In a nutshell: why not plan your future success right now?

On-Demand - Session 1:
Finding the ideal set-up.

Ghost kitchens became an important part of today’s foodservice and restaurant landscape and are here to stay. But how can you make a success of this new opportunity? Pivoting your existing concept or creating a perfect ghost kitchen set-up from scratch? In this Trend Talk session Marc Dempsey from GlobalData, Joseph Schumaker FCSI from FoodSpace and Stephan Leuschner from RATIONAL address the growth potentials within the Ghost Kitchen market and present what an ideal kitchen set-up could look like and what needs to be considered.

Our Speakers.

Charlie Farr

Global Head of Delivery Kitchen and 'Dark Store' Divisions at PKL

Charlie has a broad background of working in real estate and building fast-growing start-up businesses. Since the very start, Charlie has been in the ghost-kitchen space, leading the 'Roobox' concept at Deliveroo, which later became known as 'Deliveroo Editions'. Charlie heads up the Delivery Kitchen and Dark Store division at PKL, helping fast-moving delivery apps and operators open up and scale worldwide.

Francesco Cassera

International Operations Specialist at Kuiri

Francesco is co-founder of Kuiri cloud kitchen and started in January 2021 with the first location, and as of now, they have two cloud kitchens in the city centre of Milan with 5 and 8 kitchens each, with more than 15 active brands. Cassera is part of the business development, international operation and intelligence officer at Kuri.

Michael Jones

Editorial Director, Progressive Content 

Voted 'Editor of The Year' at the CMA's International Content Marketing Association Awards 2020, Michael Jones is Editorial Director for Progressive Content in the UK. An experienced editor and writer, since 2013 he has headed up the content team for Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI), including its multi award-winning, quarterly magazine Foodservice Consultant and website. Michael also writes for additional clients in the foodservice sector, including KTCHNrebel.

Stephan Leuschner

Director International Key Accounts RATIONAL

RATIONAL’s expert for international foodservice industry and ghost kitchen projects, business consultant and former Executive Chef will share insights how to develop your individual solution to setup optimized kitchens for delivery-only purpose.

Simele Shange

Co-Founder Jozi Cloud Kitchens

Simele has been in the entrepreneurial space for over 10 years, venturing from meat processing all the way to franchising and courier services. Fifteen months ago we decided to start Jozi Cloud Kitchens, after seeing this growing trend around the world. We now own the biggest ghost kitchen company in South Africa, with a 655 square meter facility, housing 10 kitchen and over 16 brands.

Khalipha Zulu

Co-Founder Jozi Cloud Kitchens

Khalipha has been an investment specialist for over 11 years and holds an MBA from Cambridge. I am an experienced financial professional and I have used this to help build the biggest ghost kitchen facility in South Africa.

Randy Murphy

Founder & CEO OrderB4

Randy has been in technology, multi-unit/brand restaurant operation and delivery logistics for over 25 years, and founded the company that developed OrderB4 in mid-2019. OrderB4 is a SaaS platform that enables ghost kitchens and virtual restaurant brands to do digital marketing & lead generation, consumer facing online ordering for all locations, order management & internal logistics, delivery routing, financial payment routing, consumer loyalty & feedback, all in one, affordable end-to-end system.

Uwe Lucas

Managing and Planning Director Hakuhodo International Germany

Uwe looks back on almost 30 years of experience as a brand and marketing strategist for global blue chip brands. Eight years ago he joined Japanese agency network Hakuhodo and heads its German and European strategy teams. He believes that the agency’s philosophy of sei-katsu-sha – of looking at the whole person rather than just her role as consumer – can help discover new business opportunities in every market. In his speech, he demonstrates how to apply the approach to branding in the ghost kitchen and delivery market.

Andrew Twells

Owner of AMT Client Catering Consultancy Ltd

Andy is from the UK and is a multi award winning Chef and Operations Director. He has been working in the catering industry for over 32 years. His career has taken him around the world and given him great insight and opportunities. From industrial bakeries and highstreets brand development, to high net worth Client dining for the richest people in Asia to first in class lounge service, wellness solutions for education and business, large volume events and banqueting, logistic and centralised production solutions. Andy’s diverse experience in operational and project management gives him a creative mindset in the art of the possible for any business.

Mark Dempsey

Consulting Director GlobalData Plc

Mark brings over 20 years of experience in the foodservice, retail and FMCG sectors to GlobalData. Mark joined the GlobalData team in 2017 following five years living in Canada where he was an insights leader for PepsiCo and strategy consulting leader for the NPD group. In his role at GlobalData, Mark brings bold thought-leadership to global partners across the manufacturer, retailer and distributor segments.

Joseph Schumaker

FCSI, Founder and CEO FoodSpace

After graduating with honors from the California Culinary Academy, San Francisco, Joe co-founded Cosmopolitan Catering in Sunnyvale, CA. Joe left Cosmo in 2015 and started FoodSpace where he and his team consult as experts in kitchen design, foodservice management, food business growth strategy and mentorship.

Benjamin Nothaft

International Key Account Manager Retail RATIONAL AG

Benjamin Nothaft works with retailers and specialists across the globe on implementing modern hot food solutions. Here he will share some of the key success stories but also key factors to implement concepts.

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All about Ghost Kitchens: Finding the ideal set-up.

Ghost kitchens were already a strong trend before Covid-19 turned the world upside down. A Trend Talk webinar from Rational debates their place in the foodservice offering of the future.

Ghost kitchen. Fast & flexible. Like your business.

Once you know the rules. You leave the game as the winner. They are shooting up like mushrooms and they are the new stars in the gastronomy sky, known for innovation and flexibility. Ghost Kitchen, Dark Kitchen, Cloud Kitchen.

Inside a Ghost kitchen: “Trends change very quickly”

Food delivery means eating what you want, wherever and whenever you want it. It’s a huge market already, and these days, it’s practically exploding. One fairly cool new resulting development: ghost kitchens.

Dark kitchen – gastronomic revolutionaries

Abandoned parking lots in the shadows of tall bridges, romantic industrial settings, skylines… is this really where the gastronomic revolution is going to happen? Here, among the shipping containers that blend harmoniously into the desolate landscape? Of course!

Ghostly growth: the rise of dark kitchens

The growth of dark or ghost kitchens has accelerated in this challenging year as the delivery-only concept has provided foodservice operators with a different way to trade during the pandemic.

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