iVario 2-XS.
Precise. Powerful. Ready to perform.

External circumstances: small kitchen, limited budget, not enough staff or equipment. Internal attitude: high standards. This is where intelligent technology comes in. Technology that boils, braises, and fries. That works up to four times faster, using up to 40% less electricity than conventional equipment. That offers two pans, which means more options in the kitchen and on the plate. Fast, flexible, compact, perfect.

The capabilities today’s foodservice establishments need.

For your kitchen. To help you create “wow” moments quickly and precisely.

Mise en place.

The power to do it all. At the same time.

Plans, schedules, checklists - when it comes to mise en place, organization is everything. It helps make processes run smoothly and keeps everyone on task, which means better results. But then a supplier shows up, and suddenly your vegetables, pasta, or chocolate sauce are left alone on the stove. Now would be a good time to have someone available to help. The iVario 2-XS with iCookingSuite, for example. Braised dishes, delicate desserts, and sides turn out great even when you're not looking - it can prevent burning or boiling over. iVarioBoost ensures they’re cooked to just the right degree of doneness. And with AutoLift, your pasta will come out of the water automatically when it's ready.

In other words: If you’re looking to save time and manpower and invest in creativity, this is the technical and logistical solution you’re looking for.

Efficient flexibility.

À-la-carte in minutes.

Flexibility - because “normal” is the exception at restaurants. Meat, fish, vegetables. Rare, medium, well-done. Extra spicy, no salt. All immediately, all simultaneously, all fresh, all different. What you need in the kitchen now is speed, reliability, and efficiency. Which is where the iVario 2-XS comes in. Two pans - endless possibilities. Easy controls. Precise down to the exact degree. Different temperatures, different dishes, different times - never a problem. No extra kitchen equipment. No monitoring. Just reliably delicious results. And with the iZoneControl option, you can even divide the two pan bases into a total of four zones, for even more flexibility. iZoneControl is an option on the iVario 2-XS.

Always ready to go. Two pans, so you can stay flexible and ready to cook at a moment’s notice. Even when preparing very small portions, you’ll still be working with maximum efficiency.


Ingredients for success.

Our equipment is robust enough to withstand heavy use in a restaurant kitchen - whether it’s a pan, a basket, a stand, or a scoop. RATIONAL accessories are the only way for you to enjoy the full spectrum of exceptional features the iVario 2-XS offers.

The iVario 2-XS base price includes: An arm for automatic lifting and lowering functions, a boiling basket, frying basket, cleaning sponge and colander.

RATIONAL accessories. When it comes to impressive results, well-designed accessories make all the difference.

Kitchen design.

Solutions for any challenge.

On a stand, in a station or on a table, the iVario 2-XS adapts to its surroundings. If you like, it can be available day and night for mise en place and à la carte. It’s a breeze to install, and thanks to its integrated water drain, you don’t need a loor drain trough, which means fewer slippery kitchen floors and improved work safety. The same goes for its other technological solutions to protect against burns, avoid back strain, and generally make life easier. Even deep-cleaning the entire kitchen is no problem with the iVario 2-XS: It meets the stringent requirements of the IPX5 standard.

Advantages you’ll enjoy: A workplace that adapts to your needs and meets your every desire.

iVario 2-XS

Just right for you.

Small, powerful, efficient, and space-saving. In a restaurant serving up to 100 meals per day, the iVario 2-XS can replace the tilting skillet, the kettle, and the deep-fryer. Or it can round out the kitchen island in your lunchroom. It’s a lot less expensive than you might think. But maybe your ideas are bigger (and so is your kitchen). Maybe you’re looking for functions like pressure cooking. If so, check out the XS’s big brothers - the iVario Pro in capacity sizes of 2 x 17 litres or 4.5 gallons, 100 litres or 26 gallons, 150 litres or 40 gallons.

iVario Number of meals
2-XS 2 × 4.5 gal
2 ×17 litre
iVario Usable capacity
2-XS 2 × 4.5 gal
iVario Cooking surface area
2-XS 2 × 2/3 GN (2 × 195 5/8 in2)
iVario Width
2-XS 43 1/4”
iVario Depth
2-XS 29 3/4”
iVario Height (incl. stand)
2-XS 19 1/8" (42 1/2")
iVario Weight
2-XS 258 lb
iVario Water inlet
2-XS NPS 3/4"
iVario Water drain
2-XS 1 1/2” OD 40
iVario Connected load (3 AC 208V/3 AC 240 V)
2-XS 15 kW/15 kW
iVario Fuse (3 AC 208V/3 AC 240 V)
2-XS 60 A/45 A
iVario Options
iVario iZoneControl
iVario Low-temperature cooking (overnight, sous-vide, confit)
iVario Wireless LAN
iVario Ethernet interface

○ optional
● standard