Corporate philosophy.
Something really special.

It has been pursued for over 40 years and permanently dictates how we treat our customers, employees, suppliers and investors.

The RATIONAL philosophy guides us in how we think and act.

Our three core elements:
  • Impressed customers
  • Consistent focus
  • Intrapreneurship - Entrepreneur within the company

Impressed customers.

Our utmost objective.

Our customers want to receive the best assistance when cooking. We have made it our claim and our promise to deliver just this to our customers.

Our primary objective is not to maximise sales or profit, but to offer our customers maximum benefits. Sales and profit are the results of this customer-centric approach.

All RATIONAL employees strive to meet this objective every day. The customer's benefit is not just the first rule in the company's philosophy; it is continually embodied in the RATIONAL ethos.

Stretching from product development, through consulting, planning and appliance installation to its use and recycling - our employees have one unique, global mission:

To provide our customers with the best solution for their everyday kitchen operations.

This is how we are able to provide all the chefs worldwide with an assistant that offers the best possible support. 99 % of our customers are so satisfied that they would definitely buy a RATIONAL appliance again or recommend us to others (2013 TNS Infratest study).

Concentrate on the essentials.

We focus on cooking, and only on cooking.

From the very start, we have concentrated on transferring heat energy to all types of food and we are experts in this field. Only by doing this and by working in close cooperation with our customers have we managed to develop our products and set new standards. By connecting to our customers worldwide, trusting in the experience and skills of chefs all over the world and implementing the technical knowledge and skills of our physicists, engineers and nutritionists have we been able to pursue our idea of hot food preparation. We succeed as every one of our employees focuses on what is essential in order to become that little bit better at what they do.

Entrepreneur within the enterprise:

Our "U.i.U.® intrapreneurship principle".

We have employees who are fascinated by the idea of improving every day and giving our customers maximum benefit. It is our passion for cooking which inspires us.

People make the difference at RATIONAL.

Only individuals who have a passion for what they do every day can perform to their strengths and have the necessary freedom to be successful. The RATIONAL U.i.U.® intrapreneurship is key to our success. This means: Every employee is encouraged to act as an entrepreneur in the enterprise - working in the interest of the entire company. This promotes efficient working methods and continuous improvements to the individual's personal operations.

Only those who are prepared to act as entrepreneurs can see the bigger picture and take responsibility and decisions. RATIONAL's customer service philosophy is deeply rooted in every part of the company and in everything they do.

Our managers have a unique responsibility. Managers see themselves as the first amongst equals and engage with employees on eye level. They encourage freedom of speech and create the optimum climate for the best personal and professional developments.

And what we're particularly happy about: 87 % of all employees are not just satisfied, but are proud to work for RATIONAL and give their best to satisfy our customers.

"Our employees are the most important key to the success of our customers. Our principle of "Entrepreneur in the Enterprise" enables and expects responsible and sustainable thinking and acting from every single individual."

Dr. Peter Stadelmann, Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO), RATIONAL AG