Low-temperature cooking with the iCombi Pro.

Gentle. Delicious. Safe.

Just imagine having work taken off your hands.

Imagine less work.

The iCombi Pro works precisely, safely and around the clock. Prepare large roasts, braised dishes and boiled meats overnight and unsupervised. The RATIONAL low-temperature cooking feature makes this possible. Perfectly done, unbelievably tender and juicy from the first slice to the last. It’s a gentle method that minimizes cooking losses, and thanks to the iCombi Pro’s intelligence, you be sure that you’ll get the exact results you want. Over and over and over again.

Better-quality results: Make your food taste better than ever. Even as you sleep.


For anyone with big plans.

The low-temperature cooking feature lets you add variety to your menu. Partial capacity, full capacity, mixed loads. Pork, beef, veal. Large roasts or small. Exactly the way you want them. Just set the level of doneness and browning you want, and the iCombi Pro will take care of the rest. Once the iCombi Pro has finished preheating, place the meat into the cooking cabinet raw – no need to worry about searing it's part of the process. After that, the cooking temperature is reduced quickly, and the meat will cook gently and then rest. Even meat that isn’t well-aged will turn out tender and juicy. Once it’s finished cooking, you can hold it for hours without sacrificing quality or appearance.

Advantages you’ll enjoy: Prepare a variety of tender and juicy items with the iCombi Pro.

Braised dishes.

Tender meat. Fantastic flavor.

Minimum effort, maximum success: all you have to do is set the results you want. The iCombi Pro will preheat, sear the meat, prompt you to deglaze the pan and gently braise the meat. The cooking cabinet temperature, humidity and air speed will adjust to fit your food items. The results? Tender, juicy meat with delicious seared flavor. And you can hold it at serving temperature for several hours without sacrificing quality. If necessary, you can even braise several different dishes at once.

So easy: Prepare outstanding braised dishes effortlessly with the iCombi Pro.

Simmering meat.

Classic dishes using modern technology.

Beef tips, corned beef, pork loin, beef brisket. The classics. Prepared gently. Little effort, lots of flavor. Just put the meat into the iCombi Pro cold, select the results you want and wait for the cooking system to take care of business. For an example, when using the Delta-T method the cooking cabinet temperature will start low and gradually increase along with the core temperature. It's an extremely gentle process yielding exceptional results with minimal cooking losses. And if necessary, you can keep the finished dish at serving temperature for several more hours without compromising on quality.

Do more with less: Less effort, less raw materials. More flavor, more compliments to the chef.