Finishing® with the iCombi Pro.

Precise. Delicious. Productive.

Everything ready. Everything under control.

Conference, opening ceremony, 50th birthday, company party, wedding. À la carte, banquet, buffet, catering. All lucrative jobs – provided you have everything under control. When you’re serving hundreds of meals at once, keeping food quality consistently high takes careful planning and precise execution. Unfortunately, you're often dealing with time crunches, staff shortages, tight budgets and special events on your busiest days of the week. What you need is an intelligent approach. A system that separates production and service times, conserving resources without compromising quality. Like Finishing with the iCombi Pro.

Use Finishing. For more productivity. More flexibility.

Finishing: it’s that easy.

On the plate, ready, go!

Warming and holding techniques allow you to put a lot of food on the table at once, but they don’t account for different foods needing different degrees of readiness , so you sacrifice quality as well as nutritional value. That’s why RATIONAL developed the Finishing system. This intuitive system separates production and service, while assuring that nutrients, taste and texture are perfectly preserved. The secret: dew point regulation. The iCombi Pro intelligently finds the point of equilibrium – the climate that will keep condensation and evaporation in perfect balance. This forms a protective film of microscopic water droplets over the food, protecting it from drying out, but without pooling on the plate.

Taste the difference: Vibrant color, rich in nutrients, perfect consistency. Always ready at exactly the right time.

Plate Finishing for banquets.

All a matter of organization.

A hundred guests, a hundred plates, served at the same time. Thanks to Finishing. Prepare your food in advance, for example using the cook-and-chill method before the event. Plate the food cold and store it chilled on our specially designed mobile plate rack. And then go about your regular working day. Shortly before the food needs to be served, use Finishing to bring every plate up to the perfect temperature. What if you’re serving a thousand meals, or five thousand? No problem! Just use multiple mobile plate racks and keep Finished plates hot for up to 20 minutes with the RATIONAL Thermocover.

Guaranteed banquet success. No stress. No extra staff.

À la carte Finishing.

Everything at once? No problem.

Every restaurant has times where there just aren’t enough hands in the kitchen. Unless you're using Finishing, that is. Prepare individual menu components in advance, when you’re not pressed for time. Keep them chilled until you need them. When an order comes in, just plate the food cold and let the iCombi Pro do the rest. The meal comes out piping hot, perfectly fresh and ready to enjoy. Enjoy greater flexibility without compromising on quality – for example, you might use Finishing to bring the side dishes up to serving temperature while you’re pan-frying your main dish.

Designed with you in mind. When the heat’s on, keep a cool head. It’s all under control.

Container Finishing.

Any quantity of food. Perfectly prepared, right on time.

Catering, buffets, company cafeterias, schools, hospitals, retirement homes. All serve a wide variety of food in large quantities. Tasty, nutritious, not over or under cooked. Container Finishing makes it a breeze. Prepare your dishes and store them vacuum-sealed, or in containers in cold storage. That way, you can purchase in bulk and prepare food well in advance. At mealtime, use Finishing to bring food items up to serving temperature quickly and easily. Repeat for as many batches as necessary.

How you benefit: Food is always piping hot. Full of nutrients, full of color. Less fat. With no overproduction.

Useful helpers.

iCombi Pro and its accessories. An experienced team.

With the right accessories, Finishing in the iCombi Pro is a breeze – and the results are impressive.

Mobile plate rack.

The mobile plate rack lets you put up to 120 ready-to-serve plates, up to 12 1/4” in diameter, into the iCombi Pro for Finishing. Convenient height, open on all four sides, smooth double rollers on ball bearings ― the mobile plate rack is ergonomic.

Plate rack with transport trolley.

To load and unload tabletop units ergonomically, place the plate rack on a transport trolley. Maximum stability, maximum durability. Work made easy.


The easy-to-use RATIONAL Thermocover offers exceptional heat insulation and maximum hygiene safety. It keeps your food warm for up to 20 minutes, giving you time to finish additional plate racks, transport the food to the serving station... or to wait until the end of a speech.

RATIONAL accessories.

When it comes to impressive results, well-designed accessories make all the difference.