Low-temperature cooking with the iVario.

Flexible. Delicious. Efficient.

Making big changes means calling a lot of things into question.

Why are kitchen appliances turned off as soon as the light goes out? Wouldn't it be more efficient to produce overnight or during idle time? With an iVario, it is possible. It works powerfully, precisely, around the clock. Unsupervised. Large roasts, braised dishes, stocks – RATIONAL low temperature cooking knows no boundaries, only possibilities. For the perfect results, delicious from the first slice to the last. With practically no cooking losses. And thanks to the iVario’s intelligence, everything turns out just the way you pictured it. Over and over and over again.

Seize the day (and the night) Boost your productivity. Even as you sleep.


Great results at all hours of the day.

Maximum success with minimum effort – on stews, roulades, osso buco, and pork belly. All you have to do set the results you want. The iVario does the rest: preheats, helps you with searing, notifies you when it’s time to deglaze and add water. After that, it braises gently. Without sacrificing quality. Because the iVario’s cooking intelligent regulates the temperature depending on the load quantity and the size and condition of the food. Tailored to your specifications. The results? Tender, juicy meat with delicious seared flavor. And you can hold it at serving temperature for several hours without sacrificing quality.

iVario 2-XS
With an additional software package, you can expand your iVario 2-XS’s cooking versatility even more. Your RATIONAL dealer would be glad to help you. Included as standard on the three larger models. Optional on the 2-XS.

Amazingly tasty: Minimize your effort, use your cooking system’s capacity efficiently, and count on exceptional results.


For anyone with big plans.

The low-temperature cooking function means large roasts are nothing. Preparation-wise, anyway. Pork, beef, veal. Large roasts or small. Exactly the way you want them. Sear the meat as usual, place it on the pan grid, fill the pan with liquid, specify the degree of doneness you want... and go home. Confident that in fourteen or fifteen hours later – or more? No problem – you’ll have results that look and taste exactly right.

Advantages you’ll enjoy: You save working time without sacrificing quality.


Traditional dishes, modern cooking intelligence.

Beef tips, ham, pork loin, beef brisket. The classics. Prepared gently. Little effort, lots of flavor. Just put the meat into the iCombi Pro cold, select the results you want, and wait for the cooking system to take care of business – for example using RATIONAL’s delta-T method, where the cooking cabinet temperature starts very low and then gradually increases along with the core temperature. It’s an extremely gentle process yielding exceptional results with minimal cooking losses. And if necessary, you can keep the finished dish at serving temperature for up to 23 hours and stay delicious.

Stocks and broth
Tedious preparation work and physical stress are things of the past now, including with stocks and broth. Because the iVario can make them unsupervised, too.

Do more with less: Less effort, less raw materials. More flavor, more compliments to the chef.


Make your customers’ taste buds bloom.

Simple and healthy. Fish, vegetables, meat using the sous-vide method. Just prepare products as usual, seal them into vacuum bags with marinades or spices, and then cook them in a low-temperature water bath for a long period. The cooking cabinet temperature is just slightly higher than the target core temperature, giving you buttery soft results in an safe process with almost undetectable cooking losses. If you like, you can even prepare different products at the same time.

Advantages you’ll enjoy: Flexible production, preserved flavors and nutrients, buttery-soft results – without a lot of effort.


An exceptional method for exceptional flavor.

Confit: typically French, typically delicious. Food is put into oil or its own fat, and then cooked at a constant temperature. The key is to keep the cooking medium hot enough to satisfy hygienic requirements, while making sure that it doesn’t exceed a certain core temperature, which could compromise quality. The solution: the iVario’s cooking intelligence. Confit lends pulled pork, duck legs, vegetables, or even fish and seafood a very special note.

Extra-special: Tender meat, flavorful vegetables, perfectly done fish – extraordinary taste experiences made easy.