Casual dining.

Food entertainment.

Good food is like good conversation.

It keeps people coming back for more.

Colorful, cheerful, full of variety. For lunch, to watch the game, for after-work drinks and appetizers. Cheese sticks, burgers, Buddha bowls, steak, Caesar salad. With family, with friends. Your customers love what you do. They come for your signature dish, for reliably great food, for the conversation. It never gets boring, that’s the main thing. Which is why you have to keep coming up with new ideas, new dishes, new preparation methods. While still meeting your customers’ expectations. Despite cost pressures, a lack of trained staff, a small kitchen. How about adding a delivery service? Or putting seasonal dishes on the menu? Every change is a new challenge. Well, of course – that’s what makes it fun.

No boredom allowed: Varied menus, innovative recipes, happy customers. A great fit in any kitchen.

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The iCombi Pro.

Expect the unexpected.

Kitchens re-imagined: Roasting, grilling, baking, boiling, steaming - all intelligently regulated. Within less than 11 ft2. Moisture, temperature, and air speed precisely coordinated. All in a single appliance that anticipates, learns, remembers, monitors, and adapts. One with intelligent assistant functions that react dynamically to your changing needs. More spare ribs than usual? Left the cooking cabinet door open too long? Cooking at high temperatures? No matter what happens, the iCombi Pro adjusts its settings to give you the results you want.

All with one goal in mind: Helping you wow your customers over and over again with great-quality food.

A whole new level of relaxed.

When work isn’t work anymore.

Serving guests never stops, and nothing less than perfection will suffice. Which is what makes good peak-time preparation so essential. Using a cooking system that handles routine tasks, can handle any cooking application imaginable, produces the same great quality again and again, and works intelligently thanks to iCookingSuite. Food size, quantity, browning level, condition? Detected, cooking parameters adjusted, production planning applied. Ready, go. Tells you which dishes can be prepared together. Suggests an ideal sequence, optimized for time or energy use. Frozen foods, fresh products, baked goods, side dishes, one tray, several trays... No problem. Set the results you want, start the cooking process. That’s all there is to it. Done to perfection in the blink of an eye. And it’s all stress-free, because there’s no need to supervise – no matter who’s operating the cooking system.

The result: Great productivity, great results. no matter who’s operating the cooking system.


For all of your ideas.

Eight customers, eight different dishes. Finger food, tapas, burgers, pizza, chicken wings, French fries. And that’s just at one table – what about all the others? The kitchen’s running full steam ahead. And so is iProductionManager. Which now prepares different dishes at the same time: Wedges and chicken wings, tandoori chicken and fried zucchini, apple crumble and baguettes. Quick, delicious, stress-free, even with new or inexperienced staff.

New perspectives: Spare the logistical effort, produce the results you want, and give yourself the flexibility to try new ideas.

Create dining experiences.

At the touch of a button.

Spare ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket. Onion rings, potato gratin, broccoli. The iCombi Pro can do them all. By itself, in fact. Because you can create your own intelligent cooking paths and save them to the cooking system. It’s easy: Test your recipe, save the results you want, and transmit the cooking path to all of your iCombi Pro units. Using a USB stick. Or with ConnectedCooking, RATIONAL’s networking solution. Thanks to the simple, self-explanatory operating system, employees can then access the intelligent cooking path. For your signature dish. For your side dishes. And with the assurance that you’ll always serve the results loved by your customers.

Count on it: Consistently high quality standards thanks to easy-to-use controls.

Top marks in hygiene and work safety.

So you’ll feel good about your kitchen.

Food safety and work safety are both important. Especially in food service. And you can count on the iCombi Pro in both respects. Hygienic cleanliness with the iCareSystem, automatic HACCP documentation – which you can access from anywhere through ConnectedCooking. Work safely thanks to the maximum tray height of 5 feet and 3 inches. And the easy-to-learn controls render user error practically impossible, so that all your food will reach a safe core temperature.

Play it safe: The iCombi Pro meets international hygiene standards. So you’ll feel good about your kitchen. And your food will always be safe.


Good for the environment, better for your bottom line.

Sustainability conserves resources and saves money. Here at RATIONAL, energy-efficient production and logistics, recycling of old appliances, and raising the bar for energy conservation are all par for the course. And with the iCombi Pro, sustainability will become just as self-evident in your kitchen. Compared to conventional kitchen equipment, you’ll save energy, reduce your raw materials usage, and decrease your overproduction, all while preparing healthier food.

For a healthier planet: Cook more nutritious meals while reducing your environmental impact.


Any way you slice it, this investment pays off.

The iCombi Pro isn’t just intelligent when it comes to cooking. It’s also a smart saver as well. It saves on labor, energy consumption, space, raw materials, and fat, just to name a few. In short: the difference is obvious.

Energy expenses reduced up to 70%*

Short preheating times eliminate the need for stand-by mode. Rolling batches with the iCombi Pro’s iProductionManager save energy as well.

Reduced working time

Say goodbye to routine activities like turning, checking, and re-adjusting oven temperatures. The iCombi Pro’s ultra-fast cleaning saves even more time. Which leaves you 1-2 more hours* every day for other things.

30%* lower space requirements

The iCombi Pro replaces around 90% of conventional kitchen equipment. Goodbye tilting skillets, pots, pans, and deep fryers – hello freedom of movement. Or additional retail space.

Reduce raw product use by up to 25%*

The iCombi Pro adjusts its own cooking processes precisely, which reduces cooking and trimming losses. And its results are always equally good, from the first tray to the last – which significantly reduces food waste. That adds up to savings on raw product.

*compared to conventional cooking technology

Worth it It all adds up to an appliance that pays for itself in no time, while making work fun.

Individual consultation services for casual dining.

Benefit from our expertise.

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive consultation, help with concept development, or maintenance agreements – for one restaurant or several hundred – RATIONAL is your experienced partner when it comes to modern restaurant concepts. You can use our entire service cycle or just one of the items listed. And, it's worth noting that you can jump in at any point on the cycle. Interested? Call or email our RATIONAL experts – they’d love to hear from you.

Advantages you’ll enjoy: Experienced partners, individual consultation, reliable implementation.

“When I first saw RATIONAL at a show, I was impressed, but I thought it was a little out of my price range. Now I’m on my fourth RATIONAL. We could not have grown without RATIONAL, we would have needed a 20-burner stove and the footprint and the manpower just would not have been possible.”

Frank Cerminaro, Owner, Frank’s Place


Keep an eye on everything.

In foodservice, networking is the rule, not the exception. Ordering, billing, service – everything’s digital, everything’s coordinated. Just like ConnectedCooking by RATIONAL. Recipe transmission, unit inspections, hygiene data, software updates, MyDisplay settings, shopping carts, service remote access - our secure networking solution lets you manage everything centrally from your desk. For all networked RATIONAL cooking systems. At any location. You can also access and save HACCP data from all cooking systems. Have a new weekly special? Send it around the world with just a click. All you need is a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet. Standardization has never been easier.

ConnectedCooking: High-performance networking by RATIONAL. You'll always have everything under control.

One cooking system.

So many possibilities.

Different kitchen concepts require different cooking systems. Producing centrally and Finishing remotely? Display cooking? Using the iCombi Pro as a little extra in the kitchen, to expand your menu options? The cooking system is extremely flexible in terms of size, too. Carefully manufactured, very robust. High production standards, suppliers with high quality standards, continuous improvement - to make sure our units keep running for years to come. No wonder that the oldest RATIONAL combisteamer has been in use for over 40 years now. For information on additional models and installation options, visit us at

The result: Size, performance and quality to fit your day-to-day challenges.


We’ve thought of everything.

Service and customer support are important at RATIONAL. From initial consultations and trial cooking to test units, installation, and worldwide training – not to mention automatic software updates and the ChefLine hotline for individual questions – we cover all the bases. You can also turn to Academy RATIONAL for additional training on specific topics, such as Finishing. And if an emergency ever arises, RATIONAL’s worldwide service network will be there in no time.

Designed to help you make the most of your cooking systems
and gain enjoyment for years to come... and ensure that you’re never short of ideas.

iCombi live.

Don’t just take our word for it - find out for yourself.

Nothing’s more convincing than seeing it for yourself. Experience RATIONAL cooking systems up close, see their intelligent features in action, and learn how they can work for you. Live and at no obligation - right in your area. Call us or send us an email if you have any questions, or if you’d like to discuss how RATIONAL cooking systems can meet your culinary needs.