Boiling with the iVario.

One of its easiest jobs.

With no monitoring.

You’ll still get the results you want.

Vegetables, pasta, risotto, milk, béchamel sauce - the iVario lets you cook the foods you want faster than an ordinary pot. With no monitoring. Its integrated cooking intelligence directs energy precisely into the food, continually monitoring the cooking process and making any necessary adjustments. Nothing burns, nothing boils over.

The iVarioBoost heating system.

Measure water in precisely and bring it to a boil in record time. Thanks to the powerful iVarioBoost heating system, it’ll keep right on bubbling even when you add cold food.

Continuous temperature regulation.

Integrated iCookingSuite cooking intelligence helps you with your day-to-day work, taking routine tasks like monitoring and adjusting temperatures off your hands. Pasta, soups, desserts - tap, select, cook. And then serve perfect results.


Pasta al dente - for 30 people or 300-plus. Ready in 30 minutes. With no monitoring. Piece of cake for the iVario. Its integrated cooking intelligence monitors the cooking process and lifts the food out of the water at just the right moment. Done to perfection.

Quart-specific water intake.

Fill the iVario with a precise amount of water, measured to the exact quart, and then empty it again quickly through the integrated water drain. No more scalding, no more slipping on wet floors, no more hauling heavy containers of water around. Safer and more ergonomic.