Anyone can use this combi oven. Don't believe us?

The WOW Effect: More user-friendly.

Simple, intuitive, individual. That’s how it should always be.

Intelligent kitchen equipment with simple, intuitive controls makes life easier. The iCombi Pro's touch display can be customized to ensure that anyone can use it. Perfect for restaurants, company catering, food service, and retail. Kitchen innovation for professionals, newcomers, and temporary workers alike, so that everyone will feel right at home, right away. Even in hectic, stressful settings, the learning curve and cooking errors are low.

MyDisplay and iCombi Pro—the dream team.

MyDisplay is the user interface that makes everything easier. It configures the iCombi display to show only what's relevant to chefs and users. A useful tool, especially in industries with standardized processes or frequent staff turnover.

And things get even easier if you set up MyDisplay via ConnectedCooking and distribute it to all of your connected cooking systems via the networking solution.

The right accessories make a lot of things easier.

RATIONAL cooking systems' intuitive controls make life easier for users, and so do original RATIONAL accessories. For example, the practical pull-out rails

allow cooking accessories to be pulled out easily, facilitating quick loading and unloading of food in à la carte operations.

The RATIONAL search assistant always has the answers you need.

Cooking paths, application examples, programs, settings ranging from signal tones to display brightness – the iCombi Pro has a wide range of functions, but its intuitive operating concept makes finding them a piece of cake.

And if that ever isn't the case, look no further than the search assistant.

It's a reliable, easy-to-use tool that will guide you to the results you want. Just tap the magnifying glass and enter a keyword. The search assistant will deliver results after just a few letters.