Smoking with the iCombi Pro.

Intense. Easy. Delicious.

That special something: give meat, fish, or vegetables a delicious smoked flavor and unmistakable color. Just how you want it. Just a few clicks on the Combi Pro. Just consistently great results thanks to intelligent controls. All thanks to the VarioSmoker, which lets you cook and smoke at the same time, Saving you time, space, and the expense of a dedicated smoker. Best of all, the iCombi Pro’s intelligent cooking paths help you get started easily, and guarantee you’ll get the results you want.

Plug & Play.

Or: ready, connect, go.

Just connect the iCombi Pro and the VarioSmoker via USB, start the VarioSmoker, and use the intelligent cooking paths to adjust your settings. After just a few minutes of preheating time, the iCombi Pro will begin intelligently delivering perfect, professional cooking and smoking results. You can also use the VarioSmoker in manual operating modes on any RATIONAL combi-steamer manufactured in 1997 or later.

Smoke box.

Authentic, individual smoked flavor. The VarioSmoker works with all conventional smoker materials, such as wood chips or pellets. Vary your raw ingredients, your smoker materials, and the temperature of the cooking cabinet to give your food just the right flavor and intensity.

Intelligent cooking paths.

As soon as you connect the VarioSmoker to the cooking system via the USB port, the corresponding cooking paths will be shown in iCookingSuite. For perfect smoked results. You can also select additional pre-smoking steps to influence the character and intensity of the smoke flavor.

Low-temperature smoking.

You can use the VarioSmoker to smoke at temperatures as low as 95°F to 105°F. Low-temperature smoking uses no heat, and the fan speed is kept low. It’s a gentle method that preserves vitamins and minerals, extending the food’s shelf life while giving it an unmistakable smoked flavor.

Cord holder.

The VarioSmoker includes a variable power cord holding bracket, which can be attached to the RATIONAL combi-steamer. The bracket keeps the power cord safely at the correct working height. Whenever the smoke box isn’t in use, it can be hung on the bracket to save space.