Baking with the iCombi Pro.

Make the extraordinary possible.

Feels revolutionary.

Because it is.

Sweet nothings, savory main dishes and tasty sides – what would we do without baked goods? Bread, rolls, pizza, quiche... and let’s whip up some cake and cookies while we’re at it. Too much to handle, you say? Not anymore. Not when you have an appliance that’s smarter, simpler and more efficient. One that can cook and bake. One that draws upon 45 years of baking experience and innovative ideas. One that takes work off your hands, giving you creative leeway. And one that allows you to bake like a baker.

It just makes sense: When you can offer your customers bakery-quality products with practically no effort.

Expect the unexpected.

The iCombi Pro.

Humidity, air speed, temperature, steam injection. All coordinated precisely. Within a single appliance that anticipates, learns, remembers, monitors and adapts. The intelligent assistant functions react dynamically to your changing needs. Dough a little too moist? Danishes still frozen? Cooking cabinet door open too long? More croissants than usual? No matter what happens, the iCombi Pro adjusts its settings accordingly, so you’ll always get the results you want.

All with one goal in mind: Helping you wow your customers over and over again with exceptional baked goods.

Specialties your customers will crave.

Savory baked goods.

Fresh-baked bread isn’t a side dish, it’s a statement - and a totally different baking process from cakes and pastries. The crust, the crumb, the consistency... when it all comes together, it’s a thing of beauty. Or how about piping-hot pizza, or flaky quiche? Talk about added value! Provided the results are always equally good, no matter who’s working in the kitchen. The iCombi Pro has intelligent baking paths that will deliver the results you want - sweet or savory - no matter who's on point.

Our quality promise: Guaranteed uniform results. Produced efficiently, served delicious.

All a matter of organization.

Sinful sweets.

You don’t have to be a pastry chef to bake like one. All you need is an iCombi Pro. From scratch or from the freezer you can create delectable items such as chocolate cake, New York-style cheesecake, puff pastry, yeasted dough and so much more. The iCombi Pro’s iCookingSuite baking intelligence knows it all, does it all and has it down to a science. Simply set the results you want, start the baking process. That’s all there is to it. You’ll get the exact same results every time.

It doesn't get any easier: Set yourself apart from the pack, and truly spoil your customers. Without extra equipment.

Freshness your guests can see, smell, and taste.

Mixed loads.

Offering a wide variety of freshly prepared food, can be a challenge. But what if you’re pressed for time, too? Well, that’s where the iCombi Pro comes in. With iProductionManager. You can bake multiple products in a single cooking cabinet at the same time, in rolling batches or one after the other. Whatever suits your needs. iProductionManager monitors each tray precisely, measuring load quantities and adjusting bake times to the exact second. It keeps track of how often the door is opened for how long, and it notifies you automatically when one of your trays is finished. It also indicates the correct tray to remove.

Advantages you’ll enjoy: You save time without sacrificing quality. No extra work, no constant monitoring. Total flexibility.


Ingredients for success.

All of our equipment is strong enough to withstand heavy day-today use – from combi ovens and condensation hoods, to baking sheets and grill and pizza trays. Our RATIONAL accessories allow you to enjoy the full spectrum of exceptional features offered by the iCombi Pro. So that your muffins and bread come out pictureperfect.

Roasting and baking sheets.

For preparing rolls, croissants, Danishes... and so much more. Uniform browning, beautiful crust and tender inside. The perforated sheet is perfect for frozen convenience products.

Granite enameled containers.

With fully formed corners, so that your casserole or cake portions are all the same size. Excellent heat conductivity helps ensure uniform browning.

Grill and pizza tray.

For fresh or frozen pizzas and other flatbreads. Perfect browning, perfect crispness.

Roasting and baking pan.

For classic pan dishes like quiche, hash browns or pancakes. Also great for small cakes, such as tarte Tatin. Uniform browning across the entire bottom – every single time.

Muffin and timbale mold.

Highly flexible material, excellent non-stick properties – ideal for muffins, bread pudding or poached eggs.

RATIONAL accessories.

When it comes to impressive results, well-designed accessories make all the difference.