Combi ovens in professional kitchens.

The WOW Effect: Investment security with the iCombi Pro.

Producing top-quality food every day is the number-one goal. Without losing sight of the bottom line. Since customers don't want to compromise on their dining experiences, kitchens have to be equally uncompromising about their equipment. In terms of reliability, service life, and operating and maintenance costs.

One of the best combi ovens for professional kitchens shines in all three respects: the iCombi Pro.

1. Low operating costs in hospitality settings.

All iCombi Pro cooking systems are ENERGY STAR-certified. Among other things, this guarantees that all RATIONAL combi ovens are an average of 35% more energy-efficient than the previous model. Which makes them an easy way to save energy in foodservice.

How do they save energy?

  • Improved insulation
  • Two heat-reflective coatings on the door panels
  • Intelligent steam control to lower energy and water consumption

2. Outstanding quality.

RATIONAL's decades of experience in both development and production are what make the iCombi Pro such a high-quality, professional product. This gives us a head start to ensure that we maintain the same level of quality in the future.

3. Cost savings in food preparation.

Steaming, grilling, deep-frying—all different cooking processes that require different kitchen appliances. Normally. Or just do them all in a single iCombi Pro.