Mixed loads with the iCombi Pro.

All a matter of organization.

Shopping carts.

One-tap production.

The iCombi Pro helps you turn out the same great results over and over. No stress, no additional staff. It uses preset “shopping carts” to determine which of your dishes can be cooked together. When you’re ready to produce, pick the shopping cart you need (“Snacks”, for example), tap the display, assign dishes to different levels, load the iCombi Pro and you’re all set.

Optimized load organization.

Everything ready.

When you’re preparing different products in a single load, iProductionManager monitors individual levels automatically and notifies you when each dish is finished. It doesn’t matter how much you’re preparing at once, or how often you leave the door open for how long - iProductionManager corrects cooking times automatically, expertly, and consistently. And whenever it’s time for you to do something, the iCombi Pro lets you know by illuminating the tray that requires your attention.


Picture-perfect results.

MyDisplay eliminates user error and keeps results uniform. Choose the dishes you want shown on the display as images or icons. Just tap them, and the iCombi Pro will get to work.

You can add or delete recipes just as easily.

Start the day off right.

With a balanced breakfast.

Wow your guests first thing in the morning with a varied and delicious breakfast buffet. Rolls, croissants, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs... the iProductionManager allows you to prepare them all at once. Whatever your guests are hungry for, whenever you need it. Just use the preset Breakfast shopping cart. It contains all the cooking paths you need; all you have to do is drag a ticket to an available level, and you’re ready to start producing. You can even whip up extra batches of individual dishes quickly, so that the food on your buffet stays fresh and tasty all morning long. With no overproduction. No matter who’s on kitchen duty.

Baked goods and snacks in a single appliance.

For maximum customer satisfaction.

Snacks? Lunch? A little mid-afternoon baking, maybe? Once again, the iCombi Pro is perfect for the job. Whether you’re cooking fresh food or frozen convenience products, the cooking system has the right cooking path for the results you want, so you’ll turn out great-quality food over and over again. The iCombi Pro’s controls are simple and intuitive, so new staff can learn to use it without a lot of training. And the iCombi Pro combi-steamer replaces specialty equipment like grills, ovens, stoves, pots and pans, so adding variety to your selection of baked goods and snacks is a snap.

The multi-functional grilling station.

Changing things up has never been easier.

RATIONAL grilling accessories plus iProductionManager equals unbeatably delicious grilled products. You can load the CombiGrill cold, and your meat will still come out with perfect single-stripe or diamond grill marks. Thanks to iProductionManager, you can prepare multiple products in a single load, select the Grill function, and then simply walk away - everything will come out just the way you want it. Just set the doneness and the browning. That’s all there is to it. Each tray is monitored individually, and iProductionManager will notify you automatically when something’s ready.

The pan-frying function.

The easy path to greater variety.

Partial loads, full loads, mixed loads. Cutlets, medallions, fillets, fish, poultry. Large pieces or small. Rare, medium or well done. The Pan-Fry function lets you do them all, exactly the way you want them. Just set the level of doneness and browning you’re looking for, and the iCombi Pro will take care of the rest. Once the unit has finished heating up automatically, simply place the raw food onto appropriate trays and load it into the cooking cabinet. The products will be perfectly seared, closing the pores immediately, because the system always has plenty of reserve power.

Your food will be browned just right on the outside, juicy on the inside - it’ll taste fresh from the pan, and you won’t even have to turn it.

Perfect breaded items at the touch of a button.

Crunchy and delicious with the iCombi Pro.

Breaded products turn out beautifully with no supervision and no turning. Fried chicken, chicken cordon bleu, vegetable tempura, breaded cutlets - the list goes on and on. Just brush or spray a little oil onto the freshly-breaded products, place them into a granite-enameled container, and you’ll be serving wonderfully crisp, tender results in no time.