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Your RATIONAL dealer is your partner for your kitchen operations. If you’re interested in RATIONAL products and services, and are searching for the right dealer, you’ve come to the right place.

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Take advantage of the benefits RATIONAL dealers provide:
  • Individual consultation
  • Tailor-made events
  • On-site training in your kitchen
  • Expertise in cooking systems, accessories, and more

What certification does my RATIONAL dealer have?

The RATIONAL USA dealer loyalty and excellence program, DEAL, is designed to provide superior services and support for our customers. All DEAL dealers are trained on the products and services offered by RATIONAL USA, expanding their knowledge on an ongoing basis. They are able to offer professional advice due to their knowledge and experience in the field. Depending on the status and services offered, they are able to provide maximum customer benefit.

Premium Partner

The dealer commits to and fulfills 4 out of the 5 services of the DEAL program as well as fulfills the quality criteria.

Certified Partner

The dealer commits to and fulfills 3 out of the 5 services of the DEAL program.

Authorized Partner

The dealer commits to and fulfills 2 out of the 5 services of the DEAL program.

What services does my dealer’s symbol represent?

Best in Class Cooking Systems.

Your dealer is your expert on appliances, accessories, and more. All of our specialist dealers undergo regular training and are always happy to pass this knowledge on at no charge.

Exciting Customer Events.

Visit a dealer near you and experience our cooking systems live. Try out their simple controls, let our experts cook for you, and taste the unmatched quality of RATIONAL.

Tailor-made Marketing.

Visit your local dealer and see RATIONAL products' high-quality workmanship with your own eyes. You'll receive plenty of additional information on our free services, such as unit introduction, ConnectedCooking, our RATIONAL ChefLine, and more.

Dealer Designer Expertise.

Take advantage of your dealer's extensive experience when it comes to developing customized concepts for kitchen construction and renovation projects.