Sous-vide cooking.

With the iVario.

Cook gently with the sous-vide function. Sous-vide cooking is gentle and healthy, which makes it perfect for preparing low-calorie or special-diet meals.

Preserves food’s natural flavor

for exceptional results. Whether you’re making fillets, leg of lamb, roast beef or spinach - the iVario allows you to prepare even the most delicate foods perfectly in vacuum bags. Just fill the pan with water, place the core temperature probe into the water, specify the size of the product and a target core temperature. The iVario gives the flexibility to specify the size, time and temperature, then automatically maintain the correct settings.

Quart-specific water intake.

Safer and more ergonomic. Fill the iVario with precise amounts of water, measured to the exact quart - and then drain it easily through the integrated water drain. Preparing the water bath for your sous-vide application is a breeze.