Software updates.

Keeping you on the cutting edge of technology.

Your RATIONAL cooking systems are a bit like your smartphone: they need regular updates so that you can get the most out of them. Our cooking system software updates ensure that you'll continue to enjoy maximum performance and cutting-edge safety standards while benefiting from our latest developments – all at no charge. 

What you'll get:
  • Expanded and improved application functionality and performance
  • Increased safety standards
  • Troubleshooting

Update your software automatically.

With ConnectedCooking.

The quickest and easiest way to get your free automatic software update is through ConnectedCooking. As soon as your RATIONAL cooking system is connected to ConnectedCooking and you've activated the option under Cooking System Settings/ConnectedCooking/Automatic Software Updates, new updates will be downloaded to your cooking system automatically. All you have to do is tap to confirm the update; your cooking system will restart once it's complete. The process takes just a few minutes.

Manual software updates.

Via USB stick.

If you'd prefer to do your software updates manually, you can find the latest software versions for your RATIONAL cooking systems here.

Please make sure that you use an original RATIONAL USB stick for the update. Just download the software, unzip the file and transfer the individual files to the USB stick. Next, plug it into the USB port on the RATIONAL cooking system and follow the instructions on the cooking system display. To conduct manual software updates on a SelfCookingCenter or a VarioCookingCenter manufactured before 09/2016, we recommend that you contact your Service Partner. If you have any questions, your RATIONAL contact person will be happy to assist you.

iCombi Pro


(Published 05/2024)



(Published 04/2024)

iCombi Classic


(Production date 09/2016 or later)


(Published 09/2022)

(Production date 10/2011 or later)

VCC-01-01-04.7 / VCC-01-02-04.7

(Published 04/2023)

CombiMaster Plus


(Published 06/2022)


Our RATIONAL Loader will automatically unpack and copy the software update files for you. Use our RATIONAL USB stick to do this. Once the files are on your USB stick, you can perform the software update manually.

Cooking system line iCombi Pro/Classic
Loader Download
Cooking system line iVario
Loader Download
Cooking system line SelfCookingCenter/CombiMasterPlus
Loader Download
Cooking system line VarioCookingCenter
Loader Download