iVario Pro. In commercial foodservice.

The Game Changer.

Speed and precision.

Temperature management in the iVario Pro.

Precise, intelligent, high-performance – that is the temperature management in the iVario Pro. Regardless of the unit size. Nothing burns or boils over. The new gold standard:

  • Short preheating times
  • Precise temperature
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced cleaning efforts.

This is made possible by ceramic heating elements under the no-scratch pan base. They heat evenly into every corner. The temperature can be reduced quickly again, if necessary. And then there's the energy efficiency. Specially for searing quantities in commercial foodservice. Or for adding liquid without major temperature fluctuations.


Ready in no time: Pressure cooking with the iVario Pro.

  • Optional pressure cooking function
  • Up to 46% faster once again
  • Interior locking mechanism
  • Cooking without compromising on quality
  • No extra maintenance required

Easy operating concept, wide range of uses.


Cooking, pan-frying and deep-frying made easy.

The control center of the iVario Pro.

Sensors in the pan base detect load quantities, piece sizes and food condition, and adjust the cooking process automatically. Over and over again. The iVario notifies you if you need to turn the food.

You can divide the pan base into up to 4 zones as desired. And cook different food at different temperatures and at different times.

The advantages of an iVario Pro in professional kitchens.

There are several advantages to replacing a lifting pan, boiler and deep-fryer with an iVario Pro in the kitchen. For example:

Saving time and raw products.

If the best possible results are achieved on the very first attempt, this saves time. And if nothing is burnt, nothing overflows, this saves raw products. The iVario does all this.

More output.

In commercial kitchens, many different foods must be produced at the same time. The iVario Pro makes this possible. And turns out high-quality results. And in larger quantities than you would expect.

Food quality.

The iVario Pro produces consistent high quality, implements specifications and handles the food optimally.

Well thought-out down to the smallest detail.

Accessories for the iVario Pro.

For delicious results.

An iVario Pro can cook an infinite variety of foods. For infinite delicious results.

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10-year service part

RATIONAL guarantees 10-year availability on all listed service parts. This means a long service life, greater planning certainty, and guaranteed minimal downtime.

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