RATIONAL USA Culinary Training.

Registration page and information hub for RATIONAL culinary training.

Become a RATIONAL Certified Chef or Expand your knowledge. RATIONAL USA would like to invite you to our US headquarters for an immersive learning experience. The types of trainings we offer are listed below.

  • Application Training: Receive hands on learning with our new Cooking Systems. You will learn to cook, program, and train our customers (or your own staff) in this Train-the-trainer style program. (Level 1)
  • Advanced Application Training: Dive into the world of advanced programming, ConnectedCooking, and Finishing. You will learn how to leverage the Connected Kitchen, and how to create digital solutions for all types of operations. (Level 2a)
  • RATIONAL Live Training: Learn how to present our Cooking Systems for potential customers. You will train on the presentation and execution of our RATIONAL Live materials and concepts. This is a rigorous training for those that wish to support their territory in a unique way. (Level 2b)
  • Finishing Academy: Discover how cook-chill technology can work for plated meals or for containers with Finishing. You will learn how the Finishing system from RATIONAL operates and how adding a few elements to your kitchen can greatly increase your productivity and efficiency when it comes to catering large banquets and groups. (Existing RATIONAL Customers)

Register for one of the events below and RATIONAL will contact you with all the details and to confirm your spot.

Upcoming events.

All Employee Application Training

6/1 – 6/2

Finishing Academy

6/28 – 6/29

iCombi Live Training

7/11 – 7/12

All Employee Application Training

8/2 – 8/3