Ghost kitchens.

Fast and flexible. Just like your business.

Once you know the rules,

you'll leave the game as the winner.

In a world driven by innovation and flexibility, these new stars in the food service sky are sprouting up everywhere like mushrooms. Ghost kitchens, dark kitchens, cloud kitchens. The data-driven revolution in the F&B sector.

One that relies on a very down-to-earth craft: cooking. Because unless you deliver great-quality results, you've lost before you even start. So what's the rule? The menu has to be specially designed for delivery, easy to produce, and flexible enough that you can react quickly to trends. When you've got a plan, a concept, knowledge, and intelligent technology, everyone leaves the field a winner.

Stay ahead of the game. Rules, strategies, moves - RATIONAL provides them all from a single source. For ghost kitchens, dark kitchens, or cloud kitchens.

Everything you need.

For everything you're planning.

Food concept, production concept, implementation concept, training concept, operational support – all from a single source. Because cooking isn’t just about heating up food. It has to be more. It has to be flexible, fast, and full of great-quality and great-tasting food of all varieties. With almost 50 years of experience in kitchens of all sizes throughout Europe, America, and Asia, the specialists at RATIONAL have seen it all - and soon, that will include your ghost kitchen too.

Less is more. One contact, many ideas. For a profitable business.

If you can imagine it,

you can make it happen.

One or more locations? Production and satellite kitchens? Under or over 2,000 meals a day? With or without on-site specialists? Asian, European, or American cuisine? Or all of them at once? In-house brand or licensed brands? We ask all of these introductory questions with one goal in mind: To make your kitchens, and thus your production, as flexible and efficient as possible.

What do you get out of it? A custom-fit solution that meets your highest standards.

Business consulting and support

To help you get the most out of your investment.

The technology, the kitchen, the food concept - in order to turn kitchen equipment into a successful ghost kitchen, they all have to align. That’s why RATIONAL experts work with you to analyze your current kitchen situation, draw up an optimization concept, organize your production and train your staff, to make sure things run better than ever before. So that you and your team can work more easily and more efficiently. And inspire your customers with outstanding food quality.

Return on investment. RATIONAL knowledge and cooking systems plus your management skills equals a profitable business.

The revolution is coming.

To your kitchen.

All you've got is a room. Or several rooms. And what you need now is an idea of what your future kitchens might look like. Who will stand where? Who can do what? Who will have what responsibilities? And that’s exactly where the experts at RATIONAL can help you. Whether the premises are still in the planning stage, or the space is already available. You'll have a concrete vision of what your finished kitchen will look like.

Your advantage. An idea becomes a well thought-out kitchen.

Whatever you have in mind.

Different ghost kitchen concepts fit different needs.

The restaurant kitchen
Your own individual brand with a single menu. With the same layout as a regular restaurant, minus the seating area and only offering food for delivery. The equipment is equivalent to a restaurant kitchen.

The shared kitchen
Several of your brands in one kitchen; combines the typical layout of two or three kitchens into one shared kitchen, with various multifunctional and conventional equipment shared between brands; no dining area. All brands belong to one company.

The flexible central kitchen
Central production kitchens to supply your satellites. Can also be perfect for supplying food trucks or other mobile solutions used only to serve food.

The lessor/KaaS (Kitchen as a Service)
Fitted-out, shared spaces designed so that each brand can complete it’s own kitchen. The only shared areas include the dishwashing station, storage, etc. Shared kitchen-prep space is sometimes provided.

The multifunctional service provider
A single operator runs multiple proprietary and independent brands in one shared kitchen with multiple production stations. Highest flexibility per location, best utilization of staff and equipment.

Intelligent, versatile, in even the smallest spaces.

The iCombi Pro.

Within less than 11 square feet, the iCombi Pro demonstrates everything that can be done with the combination of heat and steam. Cooking, roasting, grilling, steaming, baking. For 200 or 2,000 orders. Thanks to its cooking intelligence and climate management, everything happens automatically and precisely, even when you're preparing different foods at the same time. Even new or temporary staff can use it. With no checking or monitoring required. For 24 hours. At the touch of a button.

The result? Plenty of freedom and flexibility for all your brands. And the certainty that you'll achieve your goals just the way you imagined them.

It's all about performance. In every respect.

The iVario.

Intelligent technology that boils, pan-fries, and deep-fries in one cooking system. Which means it replaces many individual appliances such as tilting skillets, kettles, and deep fryers. This saves space, reduces investment costs, and guarantees outstanding food quality. For a few meals or many. In production kitchens or satellite kitchens. With precision, productivity, speed and flexibility.

The result? High economic efficiency and faster cooking. Flexibility and the food quality you desire.

All-around care.

The right ingredients for your success.
Service concept.

Nobody can afford failure. That’s why RATIONAL works worldwide with certified service partners who will be on the scene quickly if worst ever comes to worst. And who offer you tailor-made maintenance and service packages.

From CAPEX to OPEX – Leasing & Financing.

In selected countries, RATIONAL works together with international financing experts to offer you attractive leasing models. Each offer is individual. Each offer is tailored precisely to your wishes and needs.

Comprehensive service. So that things always run smoothly in your kitchen, and nothing ever comes to a standstill.

A worthwhile investment.

For your cash flow, the environment, and the future.

Sustainability protects resources and saves money: Energy-efficient production and logistics, new standards in energy-savings and recycling of old units are all par for the course at RATIONAL. And with the iCombi Pro and iVario in your kitchen, sustainability will be a given. Compared to conventional kitchen appliances, you'll save energy. You'll have a lower cost of goods. Less over-production. And also cook healthier food.

For the benefit of the environment. You can cook healthy food while staying environmentally friendly.


You can look at it from any angle you want: The numbers check out.

Not only does the iCombi Pro and iVario cook intelligently, they also save intelligently. These cooking systems save on energy, labor and time, space requirements, and raw materials. In short, the results are impressive.

Up to 70% lower energy costs*

Short preheating times eliminate the need for standby mode. Rolling loads with the iProductionManager in the iCombi Pro and zoned heating of the pan with iZoneControl in the iVario Pro also save energy.

Less working time*

It eliminates the need for routine tasks such as turning, checking and readjustment. Ultrafast cleaning in the iCombi Pro and super easy cleaning in the iVario Pro save time. Which means 1–2 hours of extra free time per day.

30% less space required*

Together, the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro replace approx. 90% of conventional cooking equipment. So out with the tilting skillet, the kettle, and the deep-fat fryer – and in with freedom of movement. Or additional shop space.

Up to 25% lower consumption of raw materials*

The iCombi Pro sensitively adjusts its cooking processes, which reduces cooking and trimming losses. Nothing burns in the iVario Pro, and nothing boils over. This results in almost no loss at all. Together, this cuts raw materials consumption by up to 25%.

* Compared to conventional cooking technology

It pays off: The bottom line is the extremely quick amortization, but it's also fun to work with.