Efficient production.

Quick, yet gentle.

Speed, safety, flexibility - that’s what we mean by “efficient production” with the iVario Pro. It has a wide variety of functions to accelerate cooking processes, organize production times, and take work off your hands. The power and intelligence to give you the results you want. Every time. Without a lot of effort.

Pressure cooking.

When things have to go fast, the optional intelligent pressure cooking function can reduce your cooking times by up to 30%. The system securely seals the pan using the low-maintenance interior locking mechanism, and the raises the pressure inside the pan to 4.3 PSI - exactly the right pressure for stews, braised dishes, stocks, soups, and casseroles. The iVarioBoost heating system builds up pressure at the touch of a button, and maintains it at a constant level so the cellular structure of the food is preserved - which means top-quality results, ready in no time.

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