The intelligent kitchen.

Reliable excellence. No monitoring required.

Intelligent adjustments at the push of a button. With the iCookingSuite, the iVario’s cooking intelligence. It adjusts the cooking path to fit your food, giving you perfect results every time. It learns from you, adapting to your preferences, and only notifies you when there’s something you need to do - turn the steak, for example. Nothing burns, nothing boils over. Low temperature cooking? Delicate desserts? No problem. AutoLift even removes your pasta from the water automatically. And if you want to give a dish your own personal touch, you can adjust the cooking path at any time, even while it’s running.


The iCookingSuite is the iVario’s cooking intelligence designed to make the system incredibly simple to use, while giving you maximum assistance with boiling, frying, roasting, or whatever else. Intelligent sensors in the pan base automatically detect load quantities, piece sizes, and food condition, and adjust the cooking path continuously in response. Whenever there’s something you need to do, the iCookingSuite immediately notifies you. Now you can even do low-temperature cooking overnight - the iCookingSuite regulates the whole process on its own, giving you consistently excellent food quality. You also have access to cooking paths for countless dishes from around the world: Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Spanish... the list goes on. Just tell the cooking system what you want to make, and it starts the correct cooking path. You’ll enjoy unparalleled flexibility while getting great results, and save time, effort, raw product, and energy in the process.

User guidance.

The large, clearly organized touch display uses images and text to help you find the right cooking path for your food. Even new users have no trouble diving in. Just pick an operating mode (such as vegetables and side dishes) or a preparation method (browning, boiling, grilling, etc.), and then specify the results you want. Still not sure? Try the assistant. It contains information on how to operate the iVario, as well as a search feature to help you find the perfect cooking path. Type in the dish you want to make (say, beef stew), pick a cooking path, and you’re ready to start. Useful tips and tricks will appear on-screen to help you with preparation. With the iCookingSuite, you can be sure you’ll find the right path quickly. No do-overs necessary - you’ll get top quality the first time, every time.


MyDisplay allows you to arrange your display screens the way you like. Important content is brought to the front; information that isn’t important to you is hidden. Once you’ve got your layout the way you want it, you can transmit it to all of your cooking systems remotely, making them even easier to use. You can also assign different access permissions to different user controls, So you’ll always have everything under control, and your results will always fit the standards you’ve set.


AutoLift is a standard-equipped automatic lifting and lowering mechanism that allows you to cook pasta, deep-fry, poach or simmer with exceptional precision. Just place the food into the pasta or deep-frying basket, set the results you want, and the rest is automatic. Intelligent regulation lowers the food into the hot cooking liquid, and then automatically lifts it out once the cooking process is finished. Noodles al dente, veggies with just the right amount of bite. And you don’t have to lift a finger - or a lid - to get perfect results.

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