Bird of Smithfield. London, UK.

“The RATIONAL are the best equipment we could be working on – they bring a smile to your face.” - Alan Bird, owner

Modern British Food.

Alan Bird has been working with RATIONAL combi steamers for over 20 years. When he was Head Chef at The Ivy he even tested prototypes of new models for the company. “We wanted to give customers the space and ambience of a members club, without them having to be members” says Alan Bird of his latest venture Bird of Smithfield.
Food at Bird of Smithfield is modern British. “We’re after classic dishes cooked very well, using the best ingredients, sourced seasonally from the UK.”

With restaurants over 5 floors and 2 kitchens catering for the main restaurant and private dining area, they can feed up to 250 customers per day. Bird of Smithfield is a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association. “We organise and recycle our waste, always specify energy saving equipment and try to be as green as possible; so the RATIONAL fits in perfectly.”

The RATIONAL Solution.

Space is at a premium in London so the RATIONAL are ideal as they replace the salamander, the range, solid top & oven. There is no need for seperate water softeners as descalling is sorted internally by the CareControl system which saves us money on installation & servicing costs.

We use the RATIONAL for everything, over 80% of our cooking: to roast & braise, for bread & pastry, long cooking & baking. The RATIONAL accessories extend the combi’s flexibility even more; the GriddleGrid is great for cooking and sear-marking burgers & steaks, the Multibaker for making fried eggs, yorkshire puddings and cookies and the non stick surface is excellent.

“The RATIONAL are great for all sorts of foods, from bread to roast beef. Just choose the process, push the button and let the RATIONAL get on with it.” Says Alan Bird - Owner.

  • Efficient LevelControl®:
    “This makes it easy to cook different foods on different shelves, like meat & fish, without any transfer of flavours.” Says Alan Bird
  • Energy Efficiency:
    The SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® can reduce energy consumption by up to 20% compared to previous models, and up to 70% compared to conventional cooking equipment.
  • Perfect results everytime:
    HiDensityControl allows the chef to load up to 30% more food, compared to previous models. “It’s brilliant for pastry.” Says Alan Bird


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