Bridgeton Public Schools Bridgeton, NJ, USA.

“RATIONAL enables us to bring restaurant-quality meals to the students.” - Jacqueline Mermer, Assistant Director of Food Services.

A Diverse Menu of Healthy Food.

The Bridgeton Public Schools' nine schools have an enrollment of more than 6,000 students and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Assistant Director of Food Services, Jacqueline Mermer has consistently focused on offering a wide variety of healthy foods that kids like: scrambled eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast; fajita bowls, chicken, tacos, pizza and steak for lunch and dinner. One central kitchen prepares meals that are delivered daily to each school.

Before making the switch to RATIONAL, the District used convection ovens, which resulted in uneven cooking and required a skilled worker to monitor progress. Mermer discovered RATIONAL through a CookingLive event, saw and tasted the quality of the output and was wowed. She knew RATIONAL ovens would produce better food for the students.

“We can cook plated meals with three or four items on the plate, and it comes out perfectly.”

Jacqueline Mermer, Assistant Director of Food Services,

Healthy School Foodservice.

RATIONAL ovens make Bridgeton Public Schools' kitchens more efficient and deliver superior results. Nothing on the menu is fried. CombiFry® baskets produce perfectly crispy fries, cheese sticks and chicken tenders, while grill pans leave irresistible grill marks on baked fish, chicken and steaks.

Many items are cooked overnight and in the morning are wrapped, packed in hot boxes and trucked to the schools for lunches. Other foods are prepared the day before and reheated before serving. “We could not execute our daily mass production like we do without the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®,” Mermer said.

RATIONAL ovens allow the schools to use leftovers more effectively and reduce waste. Some foods cannot be reheated in a convection oven or steamer, but do well in the RATIONAL. “RATIONAL provides the training and ideas to make our kitchen and menu better,” Mermer added. “To me, that is second to none.”


Detects product status and size as well as quantity, ensuring perfect results without monitoring.

The precise distribution of heat ensures exceptional uniformity from the first rack to the last, without drying out food.

Overnight cooking:
Allows the chefs to cook 24 hours a day, which creates workflow efficiencies.

Takes the stress out of mass production by enabling early preparation without loss of food quality and safety concerns.

Combi-Duo configuration:
Two cooking cabinets let the chefs use different cooking applications, and saves on space.