Crystal River Cruises. International.

“We offer our chefs the right environment to help them perform at world-class levels. That’s why our ships are equipped with stateof-the-art kitchen technology.” - Thorsten Sengutta, Corporate Chef.

The shipping company Crystal Cruises launched Crystal River Cruises in 2016, applying its successful ocean-cruise concept to the river segment. Now customers can float down European waterways in style as well, visiting cities such as Vienna, Budapest or Amsterdam. The company gets especially high marks for the incomparable comfort it offers: With its 1:1.6 staff-to-guest ratios, Crystal River Cruises is setting new standards of quality and service within the industry. Besides enjoying butler service in their luxury suites, passengers can also choose from several onboard gourmet restaurants. Between them, the five river cruise ships serve around 2,500 meals per day.

Challenges to expect in a galley kitchen: