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Destination excellence.

Special guests require special attention.

The key to your success: surprising, inspiring and fascinating. With the atmosphere, the service, the special idea but above all with the right food concept. You want to stand out from other hotel categories, increase customer retention and create profit from your food and beverage offering. However, what may be a given for your guests, is hard work for the kitchen. Why not delegate some of it? An intelligent system that thinks with you, learns from you and adapts to your cooking habits - and supports the kitchen team.

Take on the challenge: Inspire your guests with your food choices and your employees with the greatly reduced workload.

The iCombi Pro.

Expect the unexpected.

A cooking system that thinks with you, learn from you, forgets nothing, adjusts and adapts. Which can prepare 90 % of all foods. Which saves space and investment costs. Because it can bake, fry, grill and steam. Because thanks to its intelligence assistance functions, it responds to all changing requirements dynamically. More meals than usual? Frozen food? Has the cooking cabinet door been open too long? The iCombi Pro never loses sight of the desired result and adjusts the settings independently.

Essentially, the iCombi Pro only has one task, reliably delivering prepare the foods as you want them. It is therefore equipped with a whole lot of intelligence and impresses with it's productivity, simplicity and quality. For example, it automatically recognises whether it is going to cook one or 20 steaks and regulates conditions automatically. It supports you with time or energy-optimised production plans. For the best way to stock the breakfast buffet for example.

Everything for the one goal: So you can keep on impressing your customers with outstanding ideas.

Variety is hard work.

But not for you.

Breakfast, banquet, à la carte lunch and room service, and also a snack in between, a piece of cake and staff catering. Guest service is continuous always delivering perfection. This demands a sophisticated kitchen concept. With a cooking system that takes on routine tasks, masters all conceivable cooking applications, which produces the same quality time and time again and works intelligently thanks to iCookingSuite. Like the iCombi Pro. For bakes, roasts, side dishes and vegetables.

The result: More productivity and a high standard of quality. No matter who is operating the iCombi Pro.

A good start to the day.

For your guests and your staff.

It is delicious and your guests will be impressed. Your challenge: Not to present too much, or too little food choice on the buffet. Also to make sure that everything is always fresh and with perfect consistency - preferably for several hours. Sounds complicated, but it doesn't have to be. as bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and French toast can be cooked in the iCombi Pro simultaneously. Or grilled tomatoes and hash browns. and even bread rolls, croissants and baguettes. The iProductionManager will tell you what can be cooked together, it regulates the production processes and will automatically prompt you to load and unload.

For one reason: A wide variety and great quality - with minimal effort. In other words, maximum productivity.

So that you can accommodate any request in à la carte.

Varied. Good Quality. Precise.

À la carte service requires a variety to food of consistent quality and that it has to be cooked to perfection. The processes have to be sophisticated and the kitchen team has to be flexibly responsive. By consistently separating production and service for example, whilst guaranteeing quality. Such as with finishing in the iCombi Pro: pre-producing, plating, chilling and only bringing to serving temperature on order.

Your benefits: High standard of quality, greater flexibility and no over-production. Ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Show them what you can achieve for a banquet.

On every single plate.

With Finishing, prepare all the foods in advance, regardless of the time of the event, such as using the cook & chill method. Plate up the food and keep it chilled. Now you have time for your day-to-day business. Shortly before serving, bring all the plates up to the right temperature, at the same time using Finishing in the iCombi Pro. This is possible to achieve with several thousand meals. Always with the same good quality. Always with the standard you define, because the iCombi Pro regulates it all by itself, and will only signal to load or unload the food.

Photo: Hilton, Birmingham

This makes every banquet a success. With no stress. With no additional staff costs. With quality and consistent results.

The number one rule for satisfied guests.

Serving quality results around the clock.

Excellent bar food, room service around the clock, and a snack in between. Sweet and savoury. Innovative creations, tried-and-tested convenience products, legendary classics - you can serve your guests little culinary pleasures around the clock. This is because the iCombi Pro is so easy to use that you don't even need to be a chef to achieve good results. MyDisplay will give you the certainty that the food will be cooked correctly. Just a push of a button for quiche, pastries or what ever you want to make.

For the one goal: High end snacks, reliable quality and fast production. All together these guarantee satisfied guests.

A worthwhile investment.

For the environment, the cash flow and your hotel.

Get an idea of the savings you can achieve by installing one or more iCombi Pro units. You can save a lot of space and replace a lot of appliances you will no longer need – this will make your kitchen footprint up to 55 % smaller. You can also save investment costs, The iCombi Pro covers up to 90 % of standard cooking applications which eliminates the need for a whole range of other units. Then there is the environment, Sustainable production and low energy consumption of the cooking system on the one hand. and less over-production, less consumption of fat, less working time and less space on the other hand. Together this is a major plus for your cash flow and the environment.

For the sake of the balance sheet: It saves a lot of money. As well as energy and water.
Costs per meal Average cost of goods
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 1.60
iCombi Pro £ 1.28
Costs per meal Energy and water
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.06
iCombi Pro £ 0.05
Costs per meal Labour costs per meal
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.27
iCombi Pro £ 0.19
Costs per meal Staff costs
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.35
iCombi Pro £ 0.35
Costs per meal Cleaning, care and repairs
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.13
iCombi Pro £ 0.05
Costs per meal Operating costs
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.29
iCombi Pro £ 0.27
Costs per meal Total
Conventional kitchen technology * = £ 2.70
iCombi Pro = £ 2.19

150 - 300 portions per day
Of chicken fricassee with carrot and peas with rice, for example

* without a combi-steamer


Many units, but everything at a glance with just a click.

Networking technology is an important function in hotels: booking system, billing, HR planning – it all runs digitally, and it is all synchronised. Just like ConnectedCooking by RATIONAL. Recipe transfer, unit control, hygiene data, software updates and service remote access - with the secure networking solution you can control everything centrally from your desk. For all connected RATIONAL cooking systems. All over the world. You can also access and save HACCP data from all cooking systems. Do you have a new menu? They can also travel around the world at a click. All you need is a PC, smartphone or tablet. Standardisation does not get easier than that.

Powerful networking by RATIONAL. Always keeps everything under control.


We've thought of everything.

At RATIONAL, service is included. From the initial consultation, the test cook, test unit, installation to the worldwide training and automatic software updates, and ChefLine - the telephone hotline for individual questions. You can also attend training on various subjects, such as finishing, at the Academy RATIONAL. The worldwide RATIONAL Service team is always close at hand in case of emergencies.

All with a single objective.
Ensuring your investment pays off in the long term, that you always get the most out of your cooking systems and that you never run out of ideas.

Individual consultation services for your hotel.

Take advantage of our know-how.

Whether comprehensive consultancy, concept creation or a maintenance contract, whether for one or multiple hotels, RATIONAL is an experienced partner when it comes to the hotel business. Whether it is a full or limited service hotel. You can use the whole service cycle or just one of the points listed and enter at any point in the cycle. Interested? Then the RATIONAL hotel experts look forward to receiving your email at

hotels@rational-online.com .

iCombi live.

Don't just listen to us, try it for yourself.

Enough with the theory, time for practice because nothing is more convincing than seeing for yourself. experience the RATIONAL cooking systems in use, see the intelligent functions for yourself and try it out to see how you can work with them. Discover just how efficient the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro are live with test units in your kitchen. Do you have any questions or do you want some information specific to your needs and possible applications? Then call us or send us an e-mail.


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