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Saving energy is beneficial for the environment. It saves money. So it’s a good thing. However, where do you start?

Sous-vide and pasteurisation kit.

The accessory for more safety.

The sous-vide and pasteurisation kit for all iCombi Pro cooking systems opens up additional options for creative cooking. The accessories significantly increase the shelf life, utilisation and safety of food. This opens up new possibilities for food production, preservation and existing kitchen processes.

Mastering Diverse Menu Creation with the iVario's Cooking Capabilities.

In professional kitchens, versatility is the key to unlocking new culinary possibilities and menu diversification. The iVario Pro, a true virtuoso in the culinary orchestra, stands out for its ability to seamlessly execute a myriad of versatile cooking techniques. This versatile cooking system allows chefs to master various international cuisines effortlessly. Let's delve into the diverse world of global cuisine that the iVario seamlessly navigates.

Revolutionising Kitchen Efficiency with the Impact of the iVario Pro.

The heartbeat of a commercial kitchen's efficiency is synchronised with various factors – from the choice of equipment to the adeptness of the culinary team.

As such, the iVario Pro emerges as a revolutionary partner, seamlessly integrating advanced cooking techniques, time management precision, and resource optimisation. When it comes to kitchen efficiency, there are key elements that define the success of a commercial kitchen and the iVario Pro serves as a beacon of innovation in this culinary landscape.

Perfecting Croissants and Pastries: A Guide to Precision Baking with RATIONAL.

The allure of a perfectly baked croissant, with its delicate layers and buttery aroma, is a testament to the artistry of baking. In the realm of precision baking, RATIONAL Combi Steamers emerge as the secret weapon for achieving pastry perfection that transcends expectations. Baking croissants with steam is becoming not only a feature but the right choice!

The Science of Steam: Understanding the Role of Steam in Combi-Steamer Cooking.

In the realm of culinary innovation, the Combi-Steamer stands as a technological marvel, transforming traditional cooking methods and ushering in a new era of precision and efficiency. At the heart of this innovation lies the science of steam in cooking, a crucial element that plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired results in combi-steamer cooking.

Maximising Healthy Nutrition in Schools: A Holistic Approach to Healthy Eating.

School cafeterias play a crucial role in helping to shape the dietary habits and overall health of students. As children spend a significant portion of their day at school, it is essential to ensure that the food provided in school cafeterias is nutritionally balanced and supports their growth and development. Maximising healthy nutrition in schools involves thoughtful planning, stakeholder collaboration, and a commitment to providing wholesome and appealing meals.

Rising to Perfection: A Peek into RATIONAL’s Ultimate Baking Accessories Kit.

Whether it’s a delicate pastry from your local patisserie or freshly prepared baked goods from the best cafe in town, the right baking accessories make all the difference in preparing and creating the perfect combinations of texture, taste and presentation.

At RATIONAL we understand the importance of quality and efficiency in achieving these high-quality results with consistency. That’s why we offer a wide variety of kitchen baking accessories specifically designed to solve all your baking problems.

Mastering The Optimal Way of Pressure Cooking with the iVario Pro.

If you work in a professional kitchen, you will know how important skill and precision is throughout the cooking process. When things need to be prepared quickly in a fast-paced environment, the pressure to deliver results while maintaining standards can be intense.

When every second counts and the demand for perfection is unwavering, one cooking tool has emerged as a true game-changer: the pressure cooker. This humble kitchen appliance, often underestimated in home kitchens, becomes a culinary hero when it comes to efficiency, flavour infusion, and consistent results.

Enhance efficiency in low-temperature cooking with the RATIONAL iCombi Pro Steamers.

Have you ever enjoyed a slow-cooked meal at a restaurant that boasted the perfect balance of flavour and tenderness? Large roasts, braised foods, and traditional dishes can all be prepared with superb results every time using low-temperature cooking.

Food Safety in the Kitchen: HACCP Compliance with RATIONAL Combi Steamers.

Restaurants, catering businesses, and food service establishments must adhere to rigorous standards to ensure the safety of the food they serve. In this article, we will explore how RATIONAL assists in achieving Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliance and ensuring the highest level of food safety in professional kitchens.

Combi Steamers and Dietary Preferences: Meeting the Needs of Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Other Diets.

In the fast-paced realm of professional kitchens, RATIONAL Combi steamers have made their mark as indispensable appliances, and they are particularly renowned for their ability to cater to diverse dietary preferences.

Combi steamers are celebrated for their versatility in cooking. These appliances combine the power of convection heat and steam, allowing for precise control over temperature and humidity. This versatility is especially beneficial when catering to different dietary preferences.

Humble Bowls to Nationwide Applause: Celebrating National Curry Week 2023.

The mere mention of the word 'curry' conjures a symphony of flavours and culinary traditions that resonate deeply with food enthusiasts worldwide. The rich tapestry of this beloved dish, ranging from the vibrant streets of Asia to the bustling heart of the UK, is a testament to the cultural diversity and passion surrounding it.

National Curry Week in the UK runs from the 2nd to the 8th of October and provides an invaluable opportunity to explore an array of exquisite curries from all around the world. Founded by journalist Peter Grove, a self-proclaimed curry aficionado, National Curry Week aims to honour Indian cuisine and has now reached its 25th anniversary, allowing the event to serve as a means to fundraise for charities and commemorate the nation's favourite dish.

Take University Catering to a Higher Level with RATIONAL Combi Ovens.

When we think about university life, great food isn't always the first thing that comes to mind. However, the importance of sustainable, high-quality food in universities cannot be overstated. Proper nutrition is key to maintaining good health, boosting cognitive function, and therefore enhancing overall academic performance. University catering teams are at the heart of this mission to provide nutritious and delicious meals. These dedicated professionals face the daunting task of creating diverse menus, sourcing fresh ingredients, and preparing meals catering to various student dietary needs all on much tighter budgets than most commercial kitchens.

How Butchers Can Diversify and Sell More Than Just Raw Meat.

The UK meat industry is responsible for supplying safe, wholesome, and quality meat products to consumers across the country and beyond. In 2021 alone, beef manufacturing generated approximately £9.96 billion for the UK economy. However, the industry is not without its challenges. Today more than ever, it's essential for butchers to think beyond their traditional offerings of raw meat products and consider broadening their product range.

In this article, we’ll explore why diversification is crucial for butchers, how they can diversify, the benefits they stand to gain, and how Rational’s professional commercial kitchen, butcher equipment, and combi oven products can help!

Revamp your QSR: Create Healthy Fast Food with RATIONAL.

When people think of fast food, 'unhealthy' can be the first thought…but times are changing! People are more conscious about their health and wellness, and as a result, they are seeking healthier options when dining out. Many Quick Service Restaurants have had huge shakeups to ensure those looking for healthier options when dining out think of them - e.g. Pret offers comforting and indulgent wraps but also wholesome quinoa salads!

How a Combination Oven Can Solve Your Delivery Restaurant Challenges.

Do you own a delivery restaurant and need to simplify your day-to-day running to help put more money in your till and have less stress on your shoulders? Choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment for your kitchen management could be an important puzzle piece.

Delivery restaurants in the UK face many challenges that can impact their ability to deliver food efficiently and effectively. These challenges can range from logistical issues, such as kitchen space and equipment, to kitchen management challenges, like managing multiple orders at once.

What is sous-vide cooking?

And what are the benefits?

Are you looking for an exciting way to pack more favour into your cooking or to bring more control to your dishes? If you aren't cooking sous-vide in your commercial kitchen, now might be the time to start if the answer is yes to both of these questions.

In this blog post, we'll dive into sous-vide cooking, exploring the advantages of this technique, mouth-watering recipe ideas perfect for sous-vide and how the iVario Pro takes it to the next level.

The iCombi Pro Rises to the Occasion for Bakers.

As a bakery owner or baker, you know the importance of having the right equipment in your kitchen. One of the most essential pieces of equipment you own is your bakery oven; it crisps up your croissants and browns your sourdough loaves, but have you considered investing in a combination oven for more even and consistent baking? Not only do they save space in your kitchen, but they can also provide many advantages over traditional ovens.

Revolutionise Your Commercial Kitchen Layout with RATIONAL iCombi Pro.

The design and layout of a modern commercial kitchen is one of the most important factors in its efficiency and consistency. Out-of-date or poorly positioned equipment can result in costly mistakes and ongoing frustrations for your staff.

Commercial kitchens are a hot, busy environment where space is always a luxury. But before you start thinking about which wall to knock down, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your existing equipment and see where space could be saved.

How to Create Easy, Delicious, Nutritious EYFS and Nursery Food.

Are you tired of serving carrot sticks, ham sandwiches and strawberry yoghurt and want to shake up the menu for your nursery-goers so you and them can have more fun with food?

As caregivers and educators in a nursery or preschool, you will understand the importance of providing your little ones with nutritious and age-appropriate meals. After all, a well-balanced diet is essential for their growth, development, and overall well-being. But there's no reason food has to be repetitive or boring! Below, we explore some easy, delicious, and age-appropriate lunch and snack ideas that you can incorporate into your daily nursery and EYFS menu. Plus, we'll introduce you to a fantastic kitchen helper - the RATIONAL iCombi Pro - that can make meal preparation a breeze.

The RATIONAL iCombi Pro: As seen on TV.

Are you a fan of BBC's The Great British Menu and wondered how the top UK chefs create such amazing dishes? Well, they have a little secret - the RATIONAL iCombi Pro!

This cooking competition show has been airing for 18 seasons. It showcases some of the best chefs in the UK who compete against each other to create incredible dishes inspired by British food heritage and celebrate milestones in the UK.

Below we look at the show's history and how RATIONAL's iCombi Pro has been a staple in the GBM kitchen!

Our guide to commercial kitchen cleaning.

Do you want tips on easily keeping your commercial kitchen clean and hygienic? You've come to the right place! From floor-to-ceiling and everything in between, cleaning a commercial kitchen is essential, as now more than ever, customers and regulatory authorities like the FSA are demanding high standards.

Easy steps to become an eco-friendly restaurant.

Are you a restaurant owner looking for ways to contribute to the environment outside of making sure you are recycling? Below we look at why adopting easy-to-implement eco-friendly behaviours is vital for the planet, your bottom line, and enhancing customer perception!

How to have the most efficient kitchen layout.

For Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).

Quick service restaurants, or QSRs, aim to provide a swift, stress-free, and convenient dining experience without sacrificing quality, but how do you set one up to provide the ultimate service to your customers?


Do you work within the catering industry or as an event caterer, and are you trying to create stylish high-volume dishes that do not compromise quality?

Large-scale catering requires careful planning and execution. It's in a different league from traditional restaurant kitchen service and takes other skills to succeed. In this blog, we have gathered a few ideas about how you can create stand-out dishes that are stylish and practical, perfect for a large number and how using innovative next-gen cooking systems can help with your cooking preparation.

10 Tips on Saving Energy.

For restaurants, pubs and bars.

If you own or manage a pub, restaurant or bar, you will know just how power-hungry the hospitality industry is. From using lighting and kitchen equipment to heating and cooling systems, the energy consumption of these businesses can be high, leading to increased costs and environmental impact.

Hospitality Trends to Focus on in 2023.

As the world of hospitality continues to grow and change, businesses need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to meet the increasing demands of customers. Our blog will explore the top five hospitality trends positively impacting guest satisfaction while streamlining business operations, including innovative menu options, strategic use of technology, and more!

Tips to Consider for your Restaurant Kitchen Design.

If you are thinking about setting up a commercial kitchen, it can be pretty intimidating. But, with the right restaurant kitchen design, it can also be a really exciting opportunity. When setting up, there are some essential things to remember: every choice you make should maximise efficiency whilst minimising wastage of labour, space and materials.

Healthcare Food Service Trends To Watch Out for in 2023.

Food plays a big role in recovery and health. Serving food in healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes can be tough, however it's worth it when patients and residents can get a variety of delicious meals full of flavour - instead of the usual dull, stereotypical options they can face! Below we look at healthcare foodservice trends that represent exciting changes in the healthcare industry, and the challenges you need to be ready for, so you can transform your healthcare facility and the food you serve your patients and residents.

Creating a Healthy Menu in Your Restaurant? Upgrade your Commercial Combi Oven.

It's no secret that healthy eating is important. People are becoming more aware of the necessity of eating right, exercising and avoiding junk food. But when you own a restaurant or run a commercial kitchen, how can you easily tailor your menus and adjust your cooking processes for those looking for a healthy menu that is still bursting with flavour?

How to Reduce Commercial Kitchen Food Waste

In 6 easy steps

From food scraps to broken crockery, restaurant waste is hard to avoid, and commercial kitchens have always been subject to high volumes of food waste, which is both wasteful and costly. Customers are also now more aware than ever of this! As a restaurant or commercial food business owner, you are responsible for reducing your waste as much as possible, from recycling to reusing, so there is as little environmental impact as possible.

How do I reduce the carbon footprint in my restaurant’s supply chain?

Have you considered your restaurant's carbon footprint?

With the rise in focus on environmental impact reduction globally, many restaurant professionals are looking for ways to operate more sustainable restaurants while also ensuring they remain profitable! One way to accomplish this is by evaluating your supply chain, from produce to commercial kitchen equipment.

How RATIONAL can help create Healthy Lunches in Schools.

Kids are picky at the best of times, and school lunches are a vital part of a child's day. So how do schools create healthy lunches children want to eat?

Not only do they provide fuel for learning, but healthy lunches in schools also serve as a teaching tool to help children make informed and healthy choices throughout their lives. Here are 5 ideas for improving school lunches to keep kids engaged and excited about eating healthy!

2023’s Top Trends in the Food & Beverage Industry.

From bottled cocktails to pasta chips, the F&B industry is constantly changing, responding to consumer demands and trends. This year, more than ever before, the industry has seen an enormous shift as people embrace new diets, lifestyles and ethical considerations.

Here are 8 of the top trends in the food and beverage industry you might want to consider adopting in 2023!

5 Sustainability Tips to Create an Environmentally Friendly Restaurant.

Sustainability is one of the buzzwords of our time, and for a good reason. Small changes such as improving equipment, tailoring menu options and optimising kitchen layouts could save the UK catering industry over a quarter of a billion pounds in energy costs annually. Not only that, but guests are becoming more conscious about where their food comes from and how restaurants operate to protect and preserve the natural environment. So how do sustainable restaurants go beyond reducing food waste?

The Technology Trends in The Restaurant Industry You Need to Watch in 2023.

In the past few years, restaurant technology has exploded as restaurants strive to keep up with consumer demands and stay ahead of the competition. From tabletop ordering systems to self-ordering kiosks, many innovative technologies can help restaurant owners give their customers a better experience.

How Chefs Can Adapt Menus to Accommodate Dietary Requirements.

Have a look at your menu. Is it mindful of dietary requirements and restrictions?

Not particularly? Could do better? Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are simple ways you can accommodate people with alternative diets, such as offering dairy or gluten-free alternatives, clearly marking common allergens on your menu, and educating your staff about cross-contamination.

3 Tips on how to Scale a QSR to multiple locations.

Have you ever dreamed of expanding your quick-service restaurant? Growing a fast-food concept to multiple locations is no small feat, but it's definitely achievable. But before replicating success across numerous sites, it's essential to understand some key tips for scaling operations like creating effective SOPs, investing in the proper commercial kitchen equipment and finding reliable staff.

What is a Ghost Kitchen and How to Start One.

If you want to expand on your kitchen’s current food offering, you might want to consider starting a Ghost Kitchen.

Sprouting up all over the country at an increasing speed, Ghost Kitchens are a way for businesses to adapt to the ever-changing dining patterns of their customers, by providing restaurant-quality food at home.

How to set up a Pub Kitchen & Deliver a popular Pub Food Menu.

The out-of-home food service industry takes home £57 billion in the UK*, so opening up your pub to deliver delicious, tasty, easy-to-prepare meals and small plates gives your pub an excellent opportunity to expand and increase your take-home!

How You Can Make Your Cafe More Environmentally Friendly.

Did you know 88% of consumers want brands to improve their environmental footprint?* From big coffee shop chains to small independent cafes, if a customer doesn't feel your brand isn't doing its bit to save the environment, there's almost a 90% chance you won't see that customer again!

Easy Payroll Cost Reduction Strategies in Restaurants & Food Service.

Cutting restaurant payroll costs can be tricky! With the ongoing crisis of restaurant staff shortages not easing anytime soon, it's time you look for new ways to creatively reduce payroll costs without losing valuable team members.

Tips for food safety and storage in commercial kitchens.

If you work in a kitchen, you have a legal responsibility regarding food safety. Preparing and storing food correctly not only prevents upset stomachs, but also reduces costs, saves time, and ensures you serve the tastiest food.

The Benefits of Using A Next-Generation Bratt Pan in your Commercial Kitchen.

Whether you need to fry, poach or pressure cook, you can streamline your cooking processes with a Bratt Pan.

In this guide, we'll look at the benefits of a commercial Bratt Pan in greater detail and explain the intelligent alternatives that could further simplify your cooking processes.

How to Cater For School Lunches In-House.

For children, eating must be fun, but most importantly, healthy! Are you considering bringing your school catering in-house? With budget pressures, staffing, equipment and government-controlled Healthy Eating Standards, such a big decision can seem daunting.

5 Tips to Equip your Restaurant for a Delivery & Takeaway Service.

Have you considered offering a delivery or takeaway service instead of just a table service, but aren’t sure where to start? We’ll share some tips on how you can attract new customers, as well as loyal ones, looking to treat themselves when they fancy a night in!

What is Veganuary and How to Embrace Veganuary in the Food Industry.

Veganuary is popular among individuals looking to adopt a plant-based diet throughout the month of January. It’s become an excellent opportunity for food businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, and any food concept, to introduce vegan-friendly options on their menus.

But before you jump on the bandwagon and start offering vegan dishes, let's discuss what it is and why it's important for restaurants to embrace this growing trend.

Why It’s Important To Have a Commercial Kitchen SOP Checklist.

So much more goes into a kitchen opening and closing than people realise. Your commercial kitchen will become chaotic and unsafe without formal processes in place. As a business owner, it's your job to make these duties clear and straightforward for your team, so they can focus on making high-quality and delicious food.

How to reduce food waste in the food industry.

Have you ever wondered if there's anything you can do to reduce food waste in landfills? Restaurants contribute almost 200,000 tonnes of food waste to landfills*, which are not only an eyesore but also a major source of pollution. Furthermore, customers understand the importance of sustainability to protect the planet and are committed to understanding where their food comes from and where discarded food can end up.

How To Become a More Sustainable Business Within the Food Industry.

Have you ever been asked by a customer:

  • "Are you sustainable?"
  • "What do you do to help the planet?"
  • "Do you compost your food waste?"

If not, be prepared. You might be asked soon!

Elevate your Limited Service Hotel F&B Concept.

Nowadays, young travellers are more aware of the value they're getting for their money. Millennials are more likely to spend on experiences over accommodation, so there is a rising demand for limited service hotels*. But being a limited service hotel doesn't mean offerings have to be restricted; guests can still experience great food, excellent customer service and most importantly, just as good a night's sleep.

The Importance of Nutrition in Care Home Catering.

Care homes host for a variety of dietary requirements. Healthy residents who have a good appetite can enjoy a balanced healthy diet, but on the other hand, many care homes have residents with support needs or health conditions that affect their food and drink intake. It is important to ensure when you provide food and drink, it’s enjoyable, nutritious, and accessible to maintain health and well-being.

5 Steps to Lower Operating Costs for Restaurants.

As restaurants face rising food prices, energy costs and labour shortages, we have put together a list of tips on how to keep costs down during this challenging time.

3 Steps on How to Set Up a Bakery Kitchen.

Are you a dab-hand at doughnuts or wow your friends with your crusty creations? There's a chance you'll be able to turn your talents into a fully-fledged bakery business, made even easier with the iCombi Pro.

Easy Steps to Tackle Hospitality Staff Shortage.

Restaurants and cafes have closed or reduced their hours of operation, leading to employees retraining and moving on. Currently, the food industry is facing a restaurant staffing crisis. Have you been left with a lack of hospitality staff? With turnover rates at an all-time high, how can restaurants stay open?

Hygienic preparation of face masks.

The new figurehead of the gastronomy: the face mask. Whether white or black, with bow, with elastic band, with logo, with embroidered mouth - there are no limits to the creativity, but there are limits to hygiene. Because after each shift, the mask must be either disposed of or disinfected.

Life in the kitchen is loud and colourful - and full of passion! KTCHNrebel is at home where pots and cooking aprons are the ingredients of creative work. The online magazine from RATIONAL for all professional chefs takes a look behind the scenes, talks to innovators and reports on trends and developments in the food service industry.

Infinitely smart.

The new company restaurant of our customer BHS Corrugated.

“Welcome“, says master chef Thomas Wenger cheerfully. He welcomes us inside the newly established company restaurants at BHS Corrugated in Weiherhammer, in the Upper Palatinate district. The 44-year-old co-designed the two restaurants according to his own ideas. “News” on the ground floor for the employees and “Elements” for business customers and conference guests one floor above. His commercial kitchen is equipped with the latest SelfCookingCenter® and VarioCookingCenter® appliances, which are connected with the worldwide sites of the company through the digital platform ConnectedCooking.

Fit for digitalisation?

Professional chefs know it: there is no stopping the digitalisation of commercial kitchens now. And so it is time for the question of which system effectively supports kitchen processes and as such sets new standards in product quality, reliability, automation and service. RATIONAL uses the cloud-based and free ConnectedCooking, which give new momentum to the collaboration between the chef and the appliance without forgetting its core task: cooking with imagination.

EU Sustainable Energy Week: Things you should note.

EU Sustainable Energy Week, which takes place every year from 30 May to 5 June, focuses on economic, social and environmental challenges at an international level. The week of action is based on Agenda 2030, which has been signed by all of the UN member states and sets out 17 goals for sustainable development.
Commercial kitchens fall within the scope of the 12th goal in this concept, which is "To ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns".

5 tips for better workplaces.

More ergonomic commercial kitchens:

Safe, ergonomic working conditions have long been a “must” in any commercial kitchen, yet many operations continue to cut corners. Of course, they often find that the decision comes back to haunt them—after all, the real victims of this cost-cutting policy are the kitchen staff.

Orthopedic surgeons see it day after day: it starts with back pain and, in the worst-case scenario, ends with a herniated disk. It’s no wonder that bone and muscle problems are one of the most common reasons for missing work among gastronomy professionals. Frantically working to prepare and serve food, slippery floors, inflexible work surfaces, lifting and carrying heavy pots... just a few of the many dangers facing kitchen staff every day.

But many of those risk factors are easier than ever to avoid. Just keep a few factors in mind when purchasing new kitchen equipment—the right technology can make all the difference. For example, RATIONAL’s team of globally renowned specialists in thermic food preparation place special importance on ergonomic details when developing the company’s two equipment lines. They can help minimize these five risk factors:

Food trucks are in the fast lane.

Your favourite restaurants are now on the road!

As the digital issue of Inc. reports, the US food truck market reached a volume of $ 2.7 billion in 2017. According to the website “foodtrucks-deutschland.de”, the European market has grown by 50 % since 2016. This is no wonder, since these restaurants on wheels are now found at festivals, farmers’ markets, and occasionally near offices at lunchtime. It is still fast food - but a unique kind. What exactly sets food trucks apart? For one, what often used to be associated with unhealthy food has now turned into an avenue for delicious, gourmet, and healthy cuisine.

Tips and tricks for stylish plating.

Tips and tricks for stylish plating.

Every child knows the phrase “You eat with your eyes!” It is obvious that this is more than just empty words. Dishes simply taste much better if they are plated in an appetizing way.
How does this work?
Here are some tips and tricks on how to properly plate dishes.

The golden rule is:

Music to their ears.

RATIONAL chefs’ secret “charts”.

The more than 1,000 chefs on the job for RATIONAL go through the same processes that every other cook in the world does: cooking, tasting, discarding, starting from scratch. But do they listen to the same music, too? We asked a few of them—not a representative sample, but interesting all the same. One other important note: the music described here is what they play in the kitchen, never during service. It was very important to them that we mention that.

Vegetarian & vegan.

How you use the trend and gain additional customers.

Many people worldwide do not eat meat or even animal products. Demand for meat and milk alternatives is rising as an increasing number of people are avoiding animal products when eating out. In many major cities, the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants has more than doubled in the last five years. But even classic hospitality industry establishments and industry catering can benefit from the trend in meat-free diets and acquire additional customers.

You can find vegetarian or vegan on many menus as a necessary evil, but these dishes are an opportunity and enhancement, they generate new customers and show that the chef knows the business. If the dishes also taste good, then the kitchen has fulfilled its objective: "Enjoyment without compromise."