RATIONAL Helps Caterers Meet New Challenges.

As caterers return to business in the post-pandemic “new normal,” they will face challenges unlike any they faced in the past. While there may be supply chain challenges due to the unpredictability of restrictions and reopenings, the smartest caterers will be flexible and not only survive but thrive, says Lee Baker, Vice President, Sales - iVario® RATIONAL North America. Here, he explains how.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Combi Ovens.

What if you had one piece of equipment that could cook steak and chicken to a perfect doneness without losing moisture, bake muffins and rolls with crusty outsides and soft insides, and steam vegetables without turning them to mush? You can do all of that and more in a combi oven.

Flexibility in Kitchens With the RATIONAL iCombi Pro and iVario Pro.

Ask any operator what his or her biggest problem is right now, and the answer is probably going to be able labor shortages. Whether they are struggling to find employees, or the lack of available workers with the right skill set is an issue, labor is one of the biggest problems — if not the biggest problem — facing the foodservice industry today. At the same time, flexibility has become an equally important issue in today’s kitchens. With rapidly changing consumer trends and fluctuations in product availability, many foodservice operations are finding a need to change their offerings more frequently than ever. To make the whole situation even more challenging, the increased popularity of delivery and takeout has forced some operators to rethink their kitchen design or workflow.

Addressing Labor Shortages With Intelligent Equipment.

Across the country there is a shortage of foodservice employees. Restaurant owners from New York to California are scrambling to find workers for a variety of food service roles. And as businesses increasingly reopen across the United States, addressing labor shortages is an industry-wide conversation. If you’re struggling to fill hospitality roles, you might not realize that your best employee might be hiding in plain sight.

How Food Concepts Can Dictate Equipment Needs.

Whether it's a ghost kitchen or a hotel restaurant, the food concept behind a brand can dictate more than just the menu. But what represents a good food concept? What does it have to be able to do in order to pay off at the end of the day? And how does that concept impact equipment needs?

What is a ghost kitchen?

The growth of delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic created an opportunity for the industry to embrace ghost kitchens or commissary kitchens. Their popularity has meant that foodservice jargon has spilled over into everyday life. If you’re wondering what the heck a ghost kitchen is, you’re on the right blog post!

Easy changes to make your restaurant more sustainable.

With more consumers looking to embrace green practices, many restaurants are asking themselves how they can be sustainable. If you’re looking for ways to make your restaurant or kitchen more environmentally friendly, here are some easy and simple changes you can make.