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While the national debate on school nutrition requirements continues, one thing is certain: the importance of healthy meals for students. Many students depend on school prepared meals for lunch and increasingly breakfast, snacks and dinner.

For over 20 years, RATIONAL has worked with schools and school districts across the country to ensure foodservice operations meet federal requirements, maximize budgets, and make meals that increase lunch and breakfast program participation.

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Back to school with RATIONAL. This year is different than previous years and we want to make sure that you have everything you need to feed your schools and communities. Whether you are back to school full-time or trying to prepare to-go meals, RATIONAL is here to support your needs, whatever they may be.

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K-12 foodservice.

Offer kids nutritious and delicious budget-friendly meals.

K-12 foodservice professionals have one of the toughest tasks – providing healthy school meals that appeal to students on an incredibly tight budget. Many are finding inventive ways to do this.

Santa Clara Unified School District.
Customer success story.

Today, 14 kitchens in the Santa Clara Unified School District are equipped with 32 RATIONAL combi ovens. Nielsen, Chef Bob, and their culinary team attributes a notable increase in labor savings and food quality to RATIONAL. The cooking speed, overnight cooking, and self-cleaning function save time, and the finished products retain moisture, cook more evenly, shrink less, and experience no flavor transfer.

World’s best grilled cheese.

A lunchroom favorite that kids always enjoy.

Trends and challenges impacting K-12 schools.
A quick glance.

Take a look at how combi technology can help foodservice directors overcome every day obstacles.

School catering.

Top marks on a small budget.

Curious about what’s trending in K-12 school foodservice? Wonder no more! From The Breakfast After the Bell Program to flavor stations, we have the latest trends that will inspire you to invigorate your menu.

Madera Unified School District.
Customer success story.

“The time savings when it comes to cooking and cleaning gives us more time for creativity when it comes to the menu,” he added. “We can focus on better products for the kids, as opposed to cleaning ovens.”


Learn how celebrity chefs are applying their talents to one of foodservice’s toughest challenges— serving a tasty meal for $1.25.

Evanston Township High School.
Customer success story.

Find out how quickly and efficiently Evanston Township High School prepares thousands of meals for school students and faculty daily using the VarioCookingCenter®.