Pan-frying with the iVario.

Quick, even, perfect.

Sear in record time.

With the iVario Pro, you’ll be preparing tender, juicy meat and wonderfully flaky fish in no time. The powerful iVarioBoost heating system lets you pan-fry twice as much fish in the same amount of time, and get better results than you would with a conventional pan or tilting skillet.

The iVarioBoost heating system.

From 32°F to 400°F in 2.5 minutes. Or: 500 servings of chicken curry in 34 minutes. That’s pure performance. That’s the iVarioBoost heating system. Within a matter of seconds, you’ve got the full force of its heating power at your disposal, and you’re ready to start cooking. The iVarioBoost heating system keeps meat juicy and delicious, while saving you up to 10% on raw materials.

Exceptional cooking results.

Let the iVario handle your routine jobs, like regularly checking food as it cooks. The integrated iCookingSuite cooking intelligence will call you over if, say, it’s the perfect time to turn your steaks. Your results will be better than ever.


iZoneControl allows you to divide the pan base into individual heating zones and operate them at different temperatures - so you can create up to four mini-iVarios from a single pan. Just specify the results you want and start processes for the zones you’re using. And iZoneControl saves you time and energy by suggesting which zones to use for which dishes, helping you work even more efficiently.