Scenic Eclipse. The World's First Discovery Yachts

Culinary dining experiences.

Scenic Eclipse offers an unrivalled range of up to 10 world-class dining experiences – from Italian cuisine at Elements to contemporary French fine dining at Lumiere, to Asian fusion or sushi with an authentic Japanese experience.

“We have more than 2,500 recipes across nine dining experiences plus 24-hour in-suite room service for guests to choose from. If you wanted to try every dish on board Scenic Eclipse, you would have to spend more than two months on the ship. The open galleys in our 6-star luxury restaurants invite you to see first-hand the passion and expertise that goes into preparing every meal. All meals are prepared daily “à la minute”, explains Goetter.

Tom Goetter and his Culinary Team use the freshest produce, dependent of the region in which they are travelling. The Culinary Team take pride in their cuisine and it's all about the detail, such as making paneer (an Indian fresh cheese), tofu and meat and fish that are smokedare smoked on board. Goetter is known for his unusual techniques and ideas, sometimes serving smoked burrito in the shape of a cigar – in an ashtray. It’s a guest favourite.

“Flying over the ice world of Antarctica by Helicopter observing penguins up close, discovering underwater world by submarine, cruises on board the 6-star ultra-luxury Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse offers immersive experiences – of the culinary kind.”

Tom Goetter, Corporate Chef at Scenic Ocean

Sustainable and efficient galleys.

Even with all the kitchen toys and gadgetry, Goetter does not lose sight of sustainability: the ship features a small herb garden, with the food purchased from local markets. Tom Goetter has come up with devised creative solutions to reduce the amount of kitchen waste and use all food items where possible. “When we prepare dishes with peeled carrotspeeled carrots, we dry the peels, grind them into powder and decorate the plates with it”.

This technique is used across all six galleys, spread over four decks taking up several hundred square meters of this ultra- luxury Discovery Yacht. “I usually call it the floating galley”, laughs the young chef from Germany, who has already gained experience in Germany, Austria, Australia, Asia and Canada.

The guests, whose average age ranges between 45 and 70 years old, are not only being pampered and inspired during their luxury cruise, they also have an opportunity to learn such as in Goetter's Culinary masterclasses at Scenic Epicure. Here, the chef reveals some cooking tips and tricks for some of his recipes as well as providing insights into cuisines of the different regions visited during your journey.

  • Goetter relies on RATIONAL technology to implement his ideas. He is particularly enthusiastic about overnight cooking without monitoring and smoking. His ideas: “This process improves cooking time and cleaning. Allowing the team to focus on other tasks”.
  • Tom prepares the menus and managers the kitchens and process for each meal. This allows his creative freedom to run free, experiment, adapt and continuously optimize his ideas. To do this quickly and easily, he uses the internet platform ConnectedCooking from RATIONAL on his PC and simply installs the programs on the nine combi-steamers in the galleys.